Saturday, 12 July 2008

My Claim to Fame

Here is another one of my watercolour painting,people have been asking to see here is my claim to fame !

I was commissioned by Royal Doulton to do this scene for a plate,i dont know whether they used it,but they did buy the copyright !

I did four of these depicting cottage scenes with flowers they chose this one,the others have been sold.

I still have this one,which i would'nt part with partly because they have the copyright,also its nice to keep for my grandchildren.

When you work for publishers they just buy the copyright of your work not the actual paintings,i think they make some kind of printers plate from the original,i never went into all the details.
Its nice to be able to keep your original artwork

I also did cottage designs, for displaying on mugs.they kindly sent me the finished mugs lol


Jane said...

Ohhh Pattie its beautiful and yes, I do recognise that painting. I lived in Stoke on Trent for a couple of years and have been to the Royal Doultan Museum and seen the plate!
Small wotld eh?

Rita said...

Hi Pattie, you know i love all your paintings, I have the best one of your art work... that beautiful cottage you painted hanging on my wall, I treasure it Pattie, mind you all the other paintings i have of yours are lovely, my living room is like the Pat Bloomfiled are such a talented lady and i am so glad we are friends.
Rita xx

Chrissy said...

Hi Pattie you truly are an artist your paintings are absolutely beautiful and i have only so far glimpsed at a few.


rbnwood said...

Beautiful work!

Chrissy said...

It is a beautiful painting and as you say, nice that you get to keep it. I particularly love the vibrancy of the flowers in the foreground - lovely work