Sunday, 21 December 2008

Asian Glass Slide

As I am bored tonight,I thought I would give this an airing....... I created it a couple of years ago,which might be interesting for some of my Arty pals lol

Asian Girl
Glass Slide
Another passion of mine is creating art work under glass ,have a look at this link to inspire you ! It did me....
Basic instructions and tipsYou'll need microscope glass slides 1x3"collages of the same sizecopper tape (from stained glass suppliers) 1/4" wide
I had mine made to size at a glaziers i also used real lead on a roll self adesive as my glass was thicker than above,and a larger area to cover.
First off i painted the backing piece of glass in acrylic...after that i rubberstamped my lady onto the front glass and painted her with glass paints ,which you can purchase in Art shops........
Then fixing the 2 glass pieces together back and front and proceeded to wind the lead around pinching it in as i went with plyers,this is quite a tough job lol,
but you can get nice patterns on the lead if you so wish.
then comes the difficult part !soldering the hanging ring at the top which i used a keychain ring,please be careful attempting this as i did burn my finger at one stage !
Lastly braiding with beads to hang friends love these and one friend has them hanging from her curtain pole in the window,where they catch the light.
There are so many possibilities and artistic ideas for these,i love to do vintage ladies with lace they look really nice.


Flippinpest said...

Beautiful work Pattie. I have never worked with microscope slides..but who knows lol

Trudy said...

now i love this.x