Thursday, 17 September 2009

Seahorse Mailer 1st Stage

I found a mailer amongst my stash,have had it years,forgot all about it as we do lol,thought it would make a nice prezzie if I could manage to do some fabric work on it,so here's the result for the front cover.

Someone sent me a Seahorse card,I was inspired!!......Holly my DIL sent me a pic of a seahorse,I used this here,i printed it out as a fabric transfered image through my printer then dyed the fabric and painted with luminere metallic paints,cut all round and machined onto the blue satin material,with zigzag edging all round.The bead and gold lurex work is supposed to be seaweed lol

For anyone who has not seen a mailer before,this is a pic of it,so now I have to come up with idea's for the Microscopic slides that go inside,I will enjoy decorating this,I have a couple of nice seashell stamps,just got to get my creativity working again :-],

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Deborah said...

Ooh I love seahorses - just bought a stamp plate with seahorses on it. The silky blue fabric really does give a fabulous watery effect.