Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Holy Orders LOL

Altered Domino Keyrings

Fabric covered Notepads

Next month my church holds its annual Christmas Bazaar to raise money for a new carpark etc,last year I made lots of Altered Domino's keyrings for the handcraft stall ,they sold out ! all the money goes to the church,so we was really pleased..........they asked me for more this year,I love making them,have just finished a batch.

Then I thought maybe I would try something different,some fabric covered notepads
Today i made four ,so quick and easy,not with fabric paper though,as it would take to long,so these are just material and lace,using up bits and pieces i had in my stash.

I,m not sure if these will sell,dont want to go to mad lol.I may make a few more when in the mood.


Fliss said...

Pattie I'm not surprised that they all sold out as they're stunning. Good luck with the next one which I'm sure will be a sellout again.
Fliss xx

Mary Lamoray said...

Those note cards are fabulous!! I know they will do great!

MaryL :)

Dorthe said...

Both your notepads, and keyrings are so beautifull.


Sherry said...

Fantastic Pattie! They're bound to all sell out again - and the notebooks. Hope lots of money gets raised for your church.

Jan said...

Gosh you have been busy. Love them all - I'm sure they will be a success. Hope you raise lots of money for the church xx

p.s. the link to the church is not working.

Lucy - By the Hill said...

Lovely work, lovely blog. You are very talented! You are sure to sell out again!

Siobhan Brignull said...

those keyrings look great Pattie and very iconic, Pidd
Ps bought some lace from charity shop the other day, not sure what i would do with it, but you are having so much fun, it inspired me to have a go, and off course the first step is buying stuff, LOL

Deborah said...

I don't think you will have ANY trouble selling those notepads, Pattie.