Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Steam Punk Woman ATC

Steampunk Woman
My first attempt at Steampunk,this is for a challenge at Artful Ideas Group here
This is the explanation here
I did'nt really know where to start,so google'd around and grasped the idea of Steampunk I hope.....this is the outcome !

I found a piece of heavy cardstock that had been sprayed with brown and gold metalic inks to use as my base,then found in my stash the metal wings,watch parts from Ebay,and the round perspect rings to go over her eyes,this is definitly a fantasy piece lol,it just snowballed (thats a joke,looking out the window onto deep snow !)I have to say i did enjoy the challenge,soooo different to sewing ! but nice to get stuck in and get mucky pulling metal watch parts to pieces etc.
The large round watch backing i dropped the cog wheels and bits into then dripped Anita's 3D gloss over it acts as a glue and dry's to a nice glossy finish.

Maybe I will do another looks like i,m grounded here,a foot of snow outside ughhhhh.

And another !
Steam Punk Flower


Holly said...

this is soo cool and amusing in a nice way...really love it!!!

Jan said...

Love, love, love this Pattie! I dont know if I shall ever get to grips with mine lol

In the Light of the Moon said...

I think it's just wonderful.Love every inch of it.Warmest Regards,Cat

WendyK said...

Fantastic Pattie, just love the creamy punk flower

Deborah said...

Both are brilliant, Pattie. Thank you for making them. I know steampunk is a bit of a thing to head your head around. But not as bad as wabi sabi,eh? LOL

Dana said...

I love it!I love steam punk and I want to try it on my jewelry.

Piddawinkle said...

brilliant work Pattie, either avaialeel for swapping as Im a loving them both lots and lots, or are they for a challenge, have started making a few atc over here as well, but have had to work, bah humbug. LOL, got some watch parts on way too me so shall join you in steampunk land soon, as I love its quirky eccentricity, Pidd ;)

eclectic archivist said...

WOW! These are great...I love the pink glasses...too fun!

Agnes the Red said...

I love steampunk and it's very effective when done well...and yours hit the mark perfectly. Keep up the wonderful work.
Belated Happy New Year to you too!
Ange x

日月神教-任我行 said...
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