Thursday, 29 December 2011

Book of Days

This is something new for me !I have just joined Effy Wilds "Book of Days" here
This is the second stage of my book cover, am just waiting for it to dry,(dont you just hate drying time ! ) I am really wanting to get back into painting and paper craft,(keep loosing my mojo)a friend suggested I try this program with Effy Wild,she is a mixed media artist,we can work along with her each week by vidio to create a book of days,we each choose a word for our book that reflects each one of us,my word is HOPE,as i,m hoping to fulfil all my artistic projects in the coming year,and HOPE to at least spend an hour a day creating something even if its just a mess lol.In this book (like a journal)I hope to portray or doodle something about my day,I found a small (handbag size) sketch book,years old,forgot i had it,now to give it a new lease of life ! You can find Effy on Facebook under "Book of Days" Hopefully this week i will finish my cover and start on the inside page.

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