Sunday, 2 February 2014

And another !

Mixed Media book cover,I,m really into this at the moment,dont suppose it will last but enjoying all the same.....I started off with a bit of cardboard packaging,thought, just the right size for a book cover,then proceeded to stick some white scrim onto it,with Gloss Gel,went through my stash to find nice pieces to make a sort of design.I used paperclips,bra hook and suspender belt thingy lol,buttons, lace,made some flowers,and a clay head,just to name but a few,ooops forgot the bottle cap with beads glued In,also an old earring :)..stuck those on then went over with 3 coats of Gesso,when that was dry,I sprayed Dylusion inks...when they were dry I started to paint with Lumiere paints and metalics,at first I didn't think I would like the outcome,but its now grown on me LOL ,hope you like :)


Deborah said...

Bra hooks in art - I've heard it all now, Pattie, LOL. It looks truly fabulous. Enjoy your current obsession! xx

Joanne Oliver said...

Patti as you I love your work and these canvases are truly beautiful and inspirational to us girls in the group.....they definitely have the WOW factor xxx

Teresa Price said...

It look's even better in the flesh! You have such an amazing imagination with so much flair - thank you for all the inspiration :)