Saturday, 12 April 2008

Crumpled Paper Background

Since posting my last blog i have been busy learning and creating new techniques,this is just one that amazed me !just had to blog it !

All you need is
White PC copy paper
2 different colour inkpads that match
Embossing powder
Versamark pad
and an iron !

First off , taking a piece of copy paper and crumpled it,then flattened it out you can see the creases and peaks.

Next get your inkpads and swipe them over, a mingling of colours.
I then used my Versamark pad(which is really glue) and gently placed some silver embossing powder over it ,then heated with a hotgun,till the silver which i used had melted.
then when dry just swiped again with more colour.
As you see you couldnt layer this on a card,it needs to be flat,thats where the iron comes in !

How easy is that *smiles i love it !
Here is the finished card
Hope you enjoy as much a i did.

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