Saturday, 26 April 2008

Inked Backgrounds

Ink it up!

Backgrounds for cards are normally easy you can find them just about anywhere, example=downloadable printables,CD.s,wallpaper,the list goes on,even wrapping papers,but i dont like easy :))

I love to make my own with inks/acrylics/crumpled Paper/Stamping/Chalk's,another list that goes on,but its all down to the Art and your imagination !
These two example pictures at the top are created withAdirondack Alcohol ink,i am now making my own inks with Dylon clothing Dye's,just to see if i can haha,it works for me !

I start off with some pieces of Glossy card stock or photo paper,Then proceed to drop the ink onto the paper or sprinkle different colours then rotatethe paper/card,so the ink runs in different directions,as i go, i may drop in some more,WOW so exciting to watch as the colours intermingle with each other,its just amazing,i get a real buzz !
i could spend a day just making backgrounds,then stash them away,for the next card creation or ATC's.

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Mam said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm having a wonderful time going through a bit of your blog! I love to try things and it looks as if you do too. I sometimes spend entire days working on backgrounds and weird techniques (even weird medium, like makeup and soap, etc.) Your work is very engrossing and I'm looking forward to more from you. We are probably of an age, you and I. Perhaps we have much in common.