Saturday, 31 May 2008

Keepsake Embossing Boards

My blog today is about Keepsake embossing Boards .......You must try the Glitter Girls Keepsake boards,its opened a whole new dimension in cardmaking for me,and I love playing around making new designs with them.

This one above is my latest board called Tall Stories,the butterflies are done with my cuttlebug machine, layered up,then with accent beads through the middle,i just love butterflies,they mean "love" so someone told makes sense to put on cards to send to people you love.
The rose background paper on this card was printed off from one of my many CD's proberly a Joanna Sheene one,i really admire this lady a true artist,and lovely personality.

So not much to tell you about how i made this,so quick and easy,its just thinking up the ideas,which is the fun part of any cardmaking and Artwork.Also i,m lucky enough to have horded all this craft stuff,collected over the years,i just need a bigger flat haha.Its just so addictive and getting to the stage where i must not walk into a craft shop,or Ebay ! lol

When i think about crafting,its not really about what craft stuff you have,although it helps to have all this fancy latest state of the art machines can create or recycle bits with some imagination,which i have done in the past............ i,m just addicted to trying everything out that comes onto the market !Being retired helps it all keeps me occupied,so i do count myself lucky in that way.

Hope you enjoyed looking,that makes it all worth while.


crissi said...

It beautiful , i know what you meen about being addicted to wanting to try out everything that comes out, mind you i do have a few things that i think what am i spoed to do with that LOL

crissi xx

Anonymous said...

WOW. pattie, that has got to be the best you have done... it is beautiful.
Hugz Rita

Anonymous said...

Hi Pattie
Wonderfull site ..there is so much about you ..such talent!,keep it up ..geat work .may you go far ..Joan x