Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Playing with Pastels

Watercolour and Pastels experiment on ATC size.
Titles= River Mist & Summer Mist........
Just had to blog these as they are my first Pastel paintings I have done on this scale,I,m pleased with the experiment and may do more.
Always with my Pastel paintings I lay down the watercolour first its more as a sketch or guide for the finished painting,but nice to see the watercolour show through the pastel,hence ,light and shade.
The Pastels add more brilliance and colour to a watercolour making it more vibrant,I find.
I have always worked in these two mediums together,I love to move the pastel about and love the misty effect.


Anonymous said...

What a good idea ! I must try it . It would be a way to use up my watercolours after switching to Pastel Painting.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing. I would never have thought of mixing them up. I only recently tried pastels for the first time (I can't remember them being around when I used to do art classes as a teenager). Its good to see how versatile they are. I love the ATC's, they do have a very charming misty look :-D

nancy said...

Hi Pattie. I've just enjoyed looking at your painting and pastel work. You are truly gifted. I love to see original work like this on atc's. I think that's what they were originally intended to be. I like them any way they come, though. I'm an atc nut! Thanks for adding me on Flickr.

MayJay said...

Everything you do is beautiful. I would never have thought to use the 2 mediums together but it works so well. Mayxx