Thursday, 2 October 2008

Poppy Sketch

I painted this today,I dont know why but I have this need to just paint this week.but nothing on a serious note just to pick up the brush and paint whatever comes into my head.
So chose the ATC size,never having painted on this scale before,I really enjoyed it ! although saying that I have done a few this year when I was on holiday in Portugal,just packed my travel paintbox and small brushes and some bits of w/color paper,didnt take up much room and boy was I glad I did ! the evenings were so boring lol.

I look around my craft room and think,what on earth have I got all this stuff for when really all i need is a box of paints and i,m happy !!
Trouble with me is ,these ideas keep popping into my head,I must alter that or WOW thats a lovely image,i can do a lot with that.........I get inspired quite easy these days,it could be retirement,boredom,I dont know but I can say I enjoy my life,just to potter about doing what comes naturally haha.......
Dont get out so much these days either,not to just walk the countryside and paint whatever took my fancy,Like i used to do, life changes ,one door closes and another opens as they most things I do now are from memory.

The other thing that helps is teaching others to paint,just one day a week, I think thats what did it for me this week,when watching them painting,I have this bad habit of grabbing the brush and doing it lol, always getting my hand slapped ! This week the lady was painting poppies,I was itching to do it hey presto I got it out my system today !! not from real life though,just trying to capture from memory.


Deborah said...

Beautiful poppy, Patti.
Deb :-)

WendyK said...

Wonderful, I love poppies

Spyder said...

Love the poppies! and I thought at first it was a 'big' painting, so much detail for an ATC! (Make me want to have a go!)