Friday, 23 April 2010

Patchwork Quilt with a difference

These are the first two squares 4x4 " for a swap,there is around 6 people working on this all different themes,each person in the swap names the theme she wants,so we do two squares per person in their named theme,my first is the Vintage ones...........I want my quilt to be Vintage so i should get 12 Vintage themes back to make up my quilt.

Wish i could explain it better,but thats me total confusion in the brain department lol.hope you get what i mean.

On my list i have 10 more to create those being Vintage, Owls,Nature,Flowers,Faces etc,so will be busy for the next few weeks,what a challenge lol.It was my idea,I should keep quiet !!.........I,m loving it,my Art room looks like a mad woman has been let loose !

I have used,dye'd fabrics,antique lace,beads,Fabric Paper,luminer paints........etc etc .........When i get all my squares back and make up my quilt i,m hoping to frame it,a lovely original piece of artwork from my internet crafting friends.


June said...

Simpy gorgeous Pattie, love the coloured lace and beautiful stitching
hugs June xxxx

Viv said...

Beautiful Pattie. x

Chris said...

They're beautiful, Pattie. Wish I'd joined this one but have too much on at the moment. Looking forward to seeing more.

cheryl said...

wow these are beautiful,love what you have done wow love cheryl xxxx

Nancy said...

Just stunning. Your colors are gorgeous. What a work of art this quilt will be when complete!

Deborah said...

So lovely. That's going to be some quilt when it's finished!