Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Painted and Stitched

Painted and stitched

This purse measures 6x6" made from scratch,think i,m losing my mojo as this wasnt easy,the creative ideas are not flowing at the moment,got there in the end though lol,and quite happy with it............i got to use my embellish machine too,I cut out the flower from a template and punched out the center smaller ones.The inside is lined with soft Vilene.
Spray dye'd the viola fabric with cosmic shimmers,I love these and must invest in more different colours,I find the spray bottles get blocked up,so i bought a few Tim Holtz Mini Misters,then transfered the dye into these,much better !

For my next project i,m inspired by some purses and book covers in "Embellish,Stitch,Felt" by Sheila Smith,i need more practice with my embellish machine to gain my confidence,so scared of breaking needles lol.

I,m also thinking of doing another Giveaway this Christmas ,dont quite know what yet,all the stuff i have made this year is stashed away I need to go through it all then decide.I,m still amazed how i got into this Fabric Art !


Lululiz said...

With or without mojo, the purse is beautiful! I adore the colours you have chosen for it.

Dana said...

Beautiful purse!Love the shades of blue :)

Genie said...

Beautiful !!

In My Head Studios said...

I am loving these little purses! Mixing the media you are using is working out great!

Deborah said...

Your mojo will return full time Pattie - it's just you haven't been able to create much because of your shoulder and you get out of the rhythm. Having said that, your blue purse is lovely so said mojo must be hanging around close by.

Lottie said...

I am so pleased to see that your shoulder is healing enough so that you can start crafting again. I just love all your purses and bags - and having an embellisher is my absolute dream wish

Do you find you use yours a lot.

They seem to be very popular