Thursday, 11 June 2015

Napkin Art

Last weekI went to a lovely garden centre,and found some beautiful napkins i could,nt resist..sooo here we go,first off i had some experimenting to do with a few new products,like Aquatints inks,a script mask,spray inks etc,tried to match the colours in with the Cockerel napkin,i think it worked !I used Gloss Mod Podge for adhereing the napkins to card.Also Modelling paste for the script mask,loved the effect ! Same thing with the Rose napkin,as i need to practice ! Then Next i wanted to make a couple of storage boxs for my Journals,recycling cereal boxs,just got to find a home for them now :)


Carol said...

I love these Pattie. I am also into using napkins or old tissue paper from shops, e.g. I have some lovely tissue paper from Penhaligans that I tear and stick. Will upload a piece that I have been working on.


Emma Sims said...

These are beautiful - I'll have to dig out my old napkins too!

Susan Crowford said...

A great idea with napkins!