Monday, 18 February 2008

Artist Trading Cards

I seem to be doing more blogging than creating lately,but i did want to get a record of my work on here,and hopefully make it worth reading,for people who are interested.

Today is an example of an ATC .........

I quote from a little bit about what ATC's are (Artists Trading Cards)

ARTIST TRADING CARDS are miniature works of art created on 2 ½ X 3 ½ inch or 64 X 89 mm card stock. they are originals, small editions and, most importantly, self-produced. anybody can produce them.the idea is that you trade them with other people who produce cards, either at TRADING SESSIONS or wherever you meet another ATC trader in is important that you meet other people in person to trade - i.e. it is ok to trade by mail or to participate in editions but the main purpose of this performance is the trading session and the personal meeting. It's not about money: participants in trading sessions and editions should not be charged any money: the point of the project is the exchange of cards as well as personal experience.there are monthly TRADING SESSIONS at different places (zurich, calgary etc. see EVENTS) and you can start your own Trading Session wherever you live. there have been other TRADING SESSIONS at irregular intervals in other cities.the project was initiated in 1997 by zurich artist m.vänçi stirnemann. since then several hundred people from all over the world have traded ATCs

The above bottom ATC i used a napkin and a photo slide,i think by just looking at it you can see how it has been created,this ATC was for a swap,The top ATC was created by using acrylic paint,throwing some gold sparkle ,then attatching some accent beads to complete design.
Artists from all over the world trade these little cards through the internet/Yahoo Groups etc.

I have a huge collection now,it is wonderful to see all the techniques people apply when creating these small original works of Art.I treasure my collection !

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