Thursday, 28 February 2008

Oriental Wall Calender

I love anything to do with the Orient ,so today i wanted to show you the Oriental Calender i made a couple of years back,(2005 as you can see !)
I belong to a couple of Oriental Art groups on the internet,this was for a project within the group.
Quite easy to create its just coming up with the ideas,i decided to make it for holding ATC's ,one for each month of the year.
So hence the pockets at the bottom for holding them,which i just washed some colour over with a couple of inkpads and rubber stamped the oriental dragons onto.


Holly said...

I have always loved this oriental calender, I have seen it in person its beautiful, alot of work went into this I can tell. Can you post a template of it or!

Pattie said...

Thats all out my head Holly lol no template !