Wednesday, 12 August 2009

"Flower Garden"

Another Altered Jigsaw piece !this time with Fabric Paper which was run through my Cuttlebug machine.All hand sewn,machined round the edges,padded with felt.


Deborah said...

So intricate, Pattie. Don't know how you do it. Is is the jigsaw piece 6 inches across? :-))))

Jan said...

I agree with Deborah - it intrigues me how you do it! Beautiful colours.

Fliss said...

Hello Pattie! Long time no speak so hope you're well.
This piece is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours and the whole idea.
Going to join your followers so I don't miss any more.

Spyder said...

Beautiful!! Sooo much detail

I have something on my blog for yours