Thursday, 6 August 2009

Notepad with a difference !

Notepad with a difference !Top photo cover on the left,notepad on the right.

I was running out of ideas for making useful presents,when this brainwave hit me lol
Remember those notepads that had fancy covers where inside was a slit ,the back cover of the pad slid inside,so you could renew it with another when that one was all used up.........

This is my version :-]
The last of my fabric paper to use up,but first I had to make a cover,,I measured out two pieces of stiff card 5"x5" ,laying down some pink satin material,measuring 11" all round the two pieces,cut round so it was all one piece I could just wrap round,I,m hopeless at explaining ,so hope you are still with me lol.

Then doing the same thing for the inside cover,I stuck these on with tape just to hold down ready for the sewing part,I used an over stitch with beads, inside.

As you see I made a square with fabric paper edged round with zigzag stitch onto felt for padding.........dyed some lace to match in,I have used the fabric side alternate with the paper side ,paper side being more colourful,the heart is made stamping into airdry clay then painting with Luminere gold.All the beads are the ones I bought in Hastings !
I also run a piece of fabric paper through my Cuttlebug machine with the new Victorian embossing folder,that piece you can see on the far left of the cover.

When I put all this together before fixing, I did'nt like the pink satin underneath,out came the Brusho paints to dye it lol,I was so suprised it took beautifully.I did the inside too.

Then I needed to make a cover for the cheap notepad,easy ,watercolour 140LB weight,using the salt technique,mixing the colours to match in.

I,m quite pleased with the outcome,its all hit and miss ,oh forgot to say those larger beads top and bottom,I just had to use they are so pretty,but to fix them was difficult so I wrapped round some gold wire,glued onto squares then stitched.

I have just purchased some Lutradur material,never used this before,cant wait to try ,its in A4 sheets you can use it for texturising,blast it with a hotgun it makes lacy effects so they say,we will see haha...........Watch this space !!

If you have problems following the way I created this piece just email me,I will try to help :0),I should really take pics of each stage,it would make things late now :-]


Sherry said...

Phew Pattie - there's no stopping you girl! lol. It's turned out so pretty, beautiful colours and the lace and beads add so much too. What a brilliant idea for a gift - and it is useful with the removable pad.

I've never heard of that Lutradur material but it sounds interesting, so I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Jan said...

Couldn't keep up with your instructions lol .......but the end result is brilliant! So pretty and what a great idea.

Maureen said...

Wish you'd slow down, you wear me out just looking at your lovely projects - love that book!!

Cheryl said...

love this book hun just brilliant love cheryl xxxx

Spyder said...

This is brilliant!Love It!!

konnykards .. Musings of a Senior Citizen said...

Beautiful - I wish I had patience to make something bigger than a tiny square! Connie.

eclectic archivist said...

I love it when a plan comes together... It's beautiful!