Saturday, 7 February 2009

Gothic Arch's

Another cold and freezing day ! The ideal weather for crafting,I need to work on more pages for my Gothic Arch Book,sooooo todays the day I created these 2..........I really dont mean to craft all day,it just happens,I should really be doing the dreaded ironing,which is hiding behind the door ughhhhh,another day tomorrow ! I find if I get an idea in my head,sit down and do it , or it will be gone out my head forever,infact I think I will have a book to jot down these ideas,although,I would much rather get it done !

These 2 have distressed inks backgrounds ,stamped with lace and old antique jewellery added ,the one at the top has Amber coloured stones which is not showing up very well.

I have to tell you about the Antique &second hand Market at Covent Garden on a Monday,if you are into old jewellery to alter for your art work,thats the place to go ! Whether its on every Monday I,m not to sure,I went thinking it would be the Crafts,what a suprise ! I was in my glory,and soooo cheap,I was buying handfuls of bits I had sorted out for £1 ,you need to think what you could use it on though.

Well thats 7 pages done up to now,I really need 12,then to make the front and back covers,I cant wait loveeee doing the covers,my minds working on it already lol..........

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Thankyou Kim !

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Zaa said...

These arch beauties are wonderful.