Monday, 25 May 2009

Altered Keys

Bank Holiday Monday altering keys lol,I had to wait till Sunday to get the old keys off my son,had a lovely time at his BBQ,the weather was beautiful,it was lovely to relax in the fresh air with the sun on my face,today rain,typical british weather !

I so enjoyed doing these keys,they are for Gas Mamma altered art swap group here
The challenge for this month is altered keys with a romance theme.

I found them quite easy to do other than having to wait for the paint to dry,which is not long working with acrylics,and Lumiere paints,some old jewellery,it was fun.
The gold one in the middle has an altered miniture domino as well.


Spyder said...

They're lovely!! I'd never think about keys! What a great idea...


Jan said...

Lovely keys Pattie - they are such fun to do aren't they. Glad you had a good time on Sunday - weren't we lucky with the weather!!

Val said...

Gorgeous keys Pattie - did they all come from your son? Love the middle one in particular!