Monday, 18 May 2009

My Workspace

Watercolour Book

Take a good look LOL as it will be a long time before its this tidy again !!

Saturday evening,didnt feel in the mood for crafting,looked at the mess in my Art room,thought right here goes big cleanup,I dont like working in a mess,when paint is splattered over everything and things get put away in wrong drawers,it gets a headache,I waste lots of time just looking for here it is TIDY lol
I also made more workspace,as all round the rest of the room is those plastic drawers on wheels,bookcases,TV,PC, etc,I quite enjoyed myself,reorganising them,lets hope I can find stuff now lol,everythings labelled so should be ok..

After finishing that,I had found loads of watercolour paper offcuts,this is very precious to me,as w/colour paper is quite expensive,out comes the Bind it All machine to make a book,then it needed something on the cover..........has to be a painted one of course,with a bit of stamping and hey one of those Brocade butterflies lol,I then brushed it all over with Mod Podge


Spyder said...

wow Pattie that IS tidy!! I'm a bit of a messer, can't help it, get everything out to try, then can't find what I'm looking for!
have a good week


Jan said...

Oh my gosh Pattie - how tidy is THAT!!! I must admit to working in a dreadful mess but the good thing is that I know where everything is lol!

Maureen said...

That is one tidy workroom, from when i cleared mine last I still can't find things.

Flippinpest said...

What a great place to work Patti. I work in the living room and that is even more frustrating!
Love the book!

Piddawinkle said...

check you out, Miss Tidy, LOL

Deborah said...

Seriously, how long is it going to stay like that? :-) Well done on finding that watercolour paper though. At the moment my craft stuff is spread over my craft room, a bedroom floor, the coffee table, sofa and dining table!

burrum said...

Is the workspace still this tidy?

I have a large desk, and all I can say is that my piles of paper are stacked neatly??