Friday, 8 May 2009

Beermat Bird Book !


Beermat Bird Book

Is'nt creating Art exciting ! I am so lucky to be retired and being able to get up in the morning thinking of an idea,before I know where I am I,m doing it ! not dressed or showered still creating at 11am from 7..........
OMG you may think lol what is she like ! the girl just cant help it,its called getting carried away haha.
Anyway this is the outcome,I have been wanting to start another book altering beermats or recycling lol,and also wanted to do a book with a bird theme,I dont know what happened but Vintage ladies and fabric got into this first page the design will be carried through,(hopefully).
The idea was in my head because of a new group I joined,they have a swap going on creating a Meandering Book...take a look really beautiful....... (just a link I found to explain)
The problem being for me its a fabric book and I am definitly not into sewing !I was wondering if it was possible to do it without using a sewing machine,thats where this bird book comes in,as I wanted to try a square with fabrics.....soooo I started off with a small canvas square which i painted with acrylics,the vintage lady is a tranfered image onto fabric overlayed with acetate,then fixed to my background, with a triangle of silk fabric in the corner,cutout lace flowers onto that,my Jenny Wren collaged on,beads on a ribbon fixed under all these.Its not really what a Meandering book is all about to me,the look of my one,back to my beermat book lol !
I now feel all crafted out,looking at the mess around me,its time to clean up :-] ooops i can see i need to fix a flower in the bottom left hand corner we go again lol ! ..........or maybe I should have dyed that white lace.................................


Anonymous said...

Your comments on the bird book is you to a t Pat ..knowing you since teenage years... talk about getting carried away in this craft larkis the understatement of the year ha ha what would you do with out being able to create ...Joan

Zaa said...

You have so many wonderful ideas Pattie.. Don't you think it's healthy to get carried away ( Ha Ha).

WendyK said...

Looks like a good start to me Pattie, I thought I'd have a little practice as well, and beer mats are a brilliant idea.

Piddawinkle said...

hahaha Pattie, Im so envious of your free time, though I am off next week so may go that way myself, Pidd

Maureen said...

Lovely book Pattie, have you taken a breath while I've been away??

MayJay said...

Sooo clever Pattie,I think its fabulous as it is. The white is right, as it contrasts and shows the wren up so well.I think it would have lost its purity if you'd dyed it. Knowing when to stop is one of your many skills.
Lucky you! I am so looking forward to retiring.
Say Hi to Holly for me.
Love, Mayxx

Jennie said...

Hehe , you used the freebie bird from Craft Stamper, glad you liked it enough to use
Jennie x