Thursday, 21 May 2009

Wet in wet watercolour technique

I wanted to blog this watercolour today before it gets forgotten,I painted it sometime ago, I gave it to my friend Pauline for Christmas,when she was over here from Malta ....its a favorite technique of mine,as I dont paint as much these days,with all these crafting techniques to learn lol

This technique with watercolour paint is called wet in wet,I used 140LB weight paper,which I then wet all over then starting from the top mixed up colbolt blue,with a touch of Ultramarine,brushed straight across the top of the paper,then held it upright to let the colour flow down,(and from side to side)dropping some yellow in midway,(middle distance).......then with a darker mix of these colours with a touch of Crimson to make it a darker hue, I just dopped this in for the distant trees or shrubs,then quickly turned the board upside down to let the paint fuse in,beautiful effect,it always amazes me after all these years painting,the lovely effects you can get using this technique.

The look of distance in this painting is due to the drawing in of the stream,it hopefully takes the eye into the scene,and worked the same way just dropping colour into the wet paper,then blasting it all over with my hairdryer.......
The look is misty,therefore named Winter Mist :-]

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Artyfax said...

beautiful painting, the control of the wet paint is very good here