Monday, 20 July 2009

Fabric and Bead Book

This ones for my Flickr Swap group Gas

I have my new sewing machine now,its been years since I have done any sewing,thought this would be good practice !

First off I dyed some cotton muslin and lace,as the challenge is to alter beermats using texture and some stamping to make a book,only a couple of pages..........

I machined the fabric to felt so its padded,makes it easy to sew beads on by hand,materials I have used on the cover are...
Beads, collaged lady onto an arch which i covered with a Brusho painted baby wipe.
Stamped Bee's.

Inside page is a Fabric image transfer,stamped butterfly beaded in center,on the back i have made a little flower posy with buttons and a bow.
next page dyed lace sewn on with beads,back of that which is the back cover, a fabric heart,really enjoyed creating this little book,as it took my mind off Saffie my cat whos now in the Vets on a drip,she ate some leaves off my Peace Lily plant,last Friday,I googled it as she was really sick,all of the lily family plants are poison to cats,OMG rushed her straight to Vets,they said she should be ok but have to flush her out,her liver enzines are up,so they need to watch her for another 48hrs to make sure the pills are working to bring her liver back to normal.

I am really missing her !!


Jan said...

Beautiful book Pattie - so glad you've been able to start using your new machine! Sorry to hear about Saffie - I'm sure she'll be ok. I DID know about lilies and cats and am always careful to make sure that I keep them away from my Susie - cats are very mischievous and will sometimes eat anything (except the food you put on a plate for them LOL), little rascals!

Dana said...

Beautiful work!I love a fabric image transfer and a butterfly!
I hope Saffie will come back home soon and well.

June said...

Pattie you did it again !!! Blew me away with your amazing work, you are a fabulous artist my friend
hugs June xxx

Flippinpest said...

Oh Pattie, poor Saffie, Ihope that she recovers quickly. I didnt realise Lilies were poisonous to cats :-(

Fantastic work Pattie, with this piece.I couldnt bear to give such a beautiful piece of art away!I cant wait to see what you produce next

Thanks so much for linking to my blog candy and website :-)

Sherry said...

Oh Pattie - you're so into this fabric work and with stunning results!

Sorry about your poor cat - it was good you were able to identify what the problem was. I'm sure the vet will soon have her better and back home with you xx

My name is CINDY...... said...

This is really lovely. Hope Saffie is back on form soon!!

Jennie said...

Gorgeous and inspiring