Saturday, 25 July 2009

Saturday Blues

Saturday Blues in more ways than one :-](The middle Pic is the back of my book)

Saturdays are always quiet for me,so a good day for crafting,with no interruptions,I bought a new book on Mixed Media Fabric Art by Angie Hughes called "Stitch,Cloth,Paper and Paint" fabulous book so inspiring,had to try some techniques out today... this is the result,not perfection,its all a learning curve but enjoyable.

As you know i,m into fabric art at the moment,this lady works a bit different to the way I have been working making my fabric paper,I did try to follow but went my own way as per usual lol

I used cotton muslin (forgot to use the Gesso as she had !)brushing with PVA glue but instead of using paper collage on this i used lace,fibres and scrim,then another layer of PVA then tissue paper,instead of using Brusho paints I used Acyrlic paint thinly...I loved the effect.

My sewing machine came into play next as you can see,(still practicing),on the front cover I made a heart out of lace, I sewed on, then added a fancy dry clay heart/pendant,painted with Luminere paints,then added beads sewn by hand.

The buttons were the only way I could think of fastening down the book it works,with fibres wrapped round to the back button !

Inside I lined with dark blue silk sewn by hand, I cant believe I did that lol,didnt take long,then used Beryl Taylors method Pamphlet stitch to tie in the inside pages.

I think I still like Beryl Taylors method of working,as Angie Hughes makes her complete piece first including all the sewing then paints the whole thing last,its a great way of doing things,I like the way the machine stitching is painted to blend in,I may try that next,it takes longer,I just need more patience :-]

I,m really pleased with this little sketch book,I,m getting quite a collection now lol !

About Angie and here

Saffie (my cat) is now home from the vets !she has to go back for checkups though.


Sherry said...

Wow Pattie, you are soooo on a roll with this type of art at the moment. I love the look of this book and the colours are just wonderful - I thought at first you had used Brusho, but the effect is more muted. It reminds me of a pond somehow. All in all, very inspirational.

Pattie said...

Monet's Lily pond ? I wish lol,thats an idea to think about :-]

Adrienne Wood said...

Absolutely stunning! Please add me to your Christmas lists LOL

Jan said...

Wow Pattie - you're certainly getting the hang of this is a BIG way!! Love the use of the lace and the colours are fabulous too. Beautiful little book.

Jan said...

p.s. So glad that Saffie is on the mend. I hope she continues to get better fairly soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pattie ... This is really beautiful... I love the harmony of the colors.

June said...

Gorgeous work Pattie, the colours just are delicious !!
Hugs June x

Unknown said...

I am soooooooooo loving this - you did a great job. I love the look of fabric projects but don't have the guts to go for it, maybe that should be my resolution for next year, still working on this years word JOURNAL - this would incorporate both

Thanks for sharing xxx

Deborah said...

Good to hear Saffie is home with you, Pattie. I love your blue book. Dreamy colours. I think like you, I'd rather paint before assembling. You have certainly taken to that sewing machine!

Rosie said...

Pattie, your fabric creations are simply gorgeous! I wish I had the patience to create little books - maybe that's what winter months will be dedicated to! Very inspiring. =)

PS - glad your kitty's on the mend xo

Unknown said...

I agree with all the others that this little book is beautiful! Love the melding of the colors and the lace...I have to learn how to do these...(((hugs)))

Spyder said...

Love this! It's just perfect

Maureen said...

Love this book Pattie - don't wear that machine out.

WendyK said...

Fabulous book Pattie, just love the colour and texture. said...