Saturday, 11 July 2009

Oriental Fabric Book

Oriental Fabric Book front and back covers,top pic.

Front cover on the left
Nearly finished maybe I will make a couple more pages, I am in desperate need of a sewing machine,then I can really do what I have in mind,I think it will be worth me getting one,as I so love doing this !

The gold image on the front is a favorite oriental stamp of mine which I stamped into airdry clay and painted in acrylic metalic gold paint,the background is fabric paper.

Same goes for the back cover with a couple of fabric covered tags added and stamped.

I think the inside pages speak for their selves,all Fabric paper backgrounds with tags,beads,stamping also some jewellery...I may add stuff if the mood takes me lol.The bottom right is embossed in gold,not a good pic.Bottom left is a fabric image.

I,m not going to use the bind it all machine for this one,just punch holes down the sides ,using ribbons to hold together,I think that will work ;-}


Deborah said...

Wow! Your best 'Beryl Taylor' yet, Pattie! Lovely.

Renee (nayski) said...

Pattie these are just gorgeous. Your fabric papers are stunning, I love the colors and can just imagine how beautiful they are in real life rather than just a picture. I hope you get the sewing machine too and then can't wait to see the finished piece!

Dana said...

Beautiful!I love your work!

Jan said...

Looking really good Pattie!

cheryl said...

wow how gorgeous is this just adore your work love cheryl xxxx

nancy said...

Sooooo beautiful!!

Sherry said...

Amazing Pattie! I love the colours you've created too and the little tags. It looks great as a finished book too.