Wednesday, 2 March 2011

ATC Fabric Holders

ATC Holders
One of the swap challenges for my group hereis to create an ATC fabric mixed media holder,certainly was a challenge as there are numerious ways of tackling this one,I didnt think i would end up making 3 though !

The first i made was the little Vintage girl one,easy to just wrap around an A4 size,all made from scratch,dying the fabrics,embossing the diecut butterflies made with grunge paper ,silk flowers and some beads.

The second attempt was to have a practice on my embellisher machine,I purchased a silk scarf for 50p in a charity shop,I love the result ,inspired me to use my embellisher more ! this wallet was made from A4 size again,just folding and stitching in the 3 pockets,using some rovings on the flap.Pictures below.

The third attempt was more complecated an actual book !
I found some board covers in The Range,ideal size,although inside the pages just hold 2 ATC,s each ... I used the plastic wallets holders,cut up for these.
This one will hold lots of ATC's and you can add more pages ! I have given my partner the option of using hinged rings or ribbons to hold it all together.

Certainly an interesting project,kept me busy all week lol.

Using the embellisher machine

The ATC Book to the left,the hearts on the right side of it, are clay.


Deborah said...

Love how you tackled each one differently. They are all lovely but I have a definite preference for the pink embellisher one.

Annie said...

Oh I am excited...these are lovely Pattie. Very different from mine :)looking forward to receiving them. Hope your shoulder has eased even more today.

Donna said...

They are very pretty and look like fun to make!!!