Friday, 25 March 2011

Tag Book,Next step !

Inside Pages......
I didnt quite know how to go about this,but Annie in my group made me a lovely ATC holder,I am learning how to do the pages from this for my Tag Book......quite pleased with these,the back ground is spray dye'd Vilene,then stamped with a daisy stamp,then i used the same fabric as the cover for the the pockets and hearts onto this,with little fabric covered buttons,now toying with the idea of more pages,then the tags to create !I also added a bit more embellishment to the cover,will blog the completed book soon i hope !

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paulaexuk said...

Ok Pattie, now I need some more detail here. I love this book you are making, did you start with plain material or patterened? You said you stamped the flowers was it just the outline and then you dyed the petals? The overall effect is marvelous, do tell more, please.