Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Fabric Tag Book,First Chapter.......

Front Cover...size 8"x8"


First Chapter because this is the beginning covers,I now have to make the inside pages,I bought this pretty Batik fabric from Ebay,its been looking at me for weeks,just couldnt makeup my mind what to create with it,then thought a tag book would be nice as it could keep me busy for weeks !

I now have to dye some fabric up to make some pages to match,then sew in pockets on each page like the two you see here which is on the inside back cover,then comes more fun making the tags with some sort of theme (havent madeup my mind yet)
The fabric pages will be cut the width of this then sewn into the middle piece,wish i could explain better,but my next blog should reveal all lol......
The cover is mixed media,squares are needlefelted,padded heart with a dye'd cloth button,strips of torn watercolour paper,painted etc.These pics are not very good i need lessons in photography lol,looks much better in person !

I spent the morning clearing out stuff in my craft room,i need to get organised,i spend half my life looking for things,I made some felt flowers a while back,cant find !thought they would go nice on this project but not to be :


bois-fleurie said...

Each day when i have worked on my quilt for a while I am also trying to make some more pages for another journal. can you recommend a book, because my worst nightmare is putting the pages together. I notice yours are a double spread mine always single and one side I then glue two together. I now have 10 pages with stuff both sides!!I punched holes through for the first book and threaded ribbon through but it isn' very strong

Anesha said...

Wonderful creation,love the colours.