Saturday 26 April 2008

Inked Backgrounds

Ink it up!

Backgrounds for cards are normally easy you can find them just about anywhere, example=downloadable printables,CD.s,wallpaper,the list goes on,even wrapping papers,but i dont like easy :))

I love to make my own with inks/acrylics/crumpled Paper/Stamping/Chalk's,another list that goes on,but its all down to the Art and your imagination !
These two example pictures at the top are created withAdirondack Alcohol ink,i am now making my own inks with Dylon clothing Dye's,just to see if i can haha,it works for me !

I start off with some pieces of Glossy card stock or photo paper,Then proceed to drop the ink onto the paper or sprinkle different colours then rotatethe paper/card,so the ink runs in different directions,as i go, i may drop in some more,WOW so exciting to watch as the colours intermingle with each other,its just amazing,i get a real buzz !
i could spend a day just making backgrounds,then stash them away,for the next card creation or ATC's.

Friday 25 April 2008

Silhouette Card

Silhouette Card
Another one of todays efforts !
Just layered and Stamped
The oval was made with my keepsake board.

Cuttlebug Embossing

Cuttlebug Embossing

This is my daily creation

Everyday i try to create something,so today as i had a new cuttlebug embossing folder i thought i would give it a try.

The background on silver mirror card is embossed with my new toy....very pleased so many lovely backgrounds i can make with this !

I layered it up with same onto lilac vellum then made the flower with vellum this was embossed with a Keepsake board then cut out,flower added.

A simple quick card,if you have the right tools !

The tiny flowers are done with a punch then fixed on with brads.

Monday 14 April 2008

Pocket Cards

This pocket has just a pullout card with verse for a Birthday inside
ribbons attached to pull.

CD Pocket Card

Pocket Card with Altered CD
Todays Idea's
I thought ummm lets try a pocket card to get away from the norm,i found some pretty backing papers to match,also a square ready made blank card,and a discarded CD
Covering the CD with the backing paper using Mod Podge,then used my glitter pens (Sukra)
also my glue pen,to sprinkle some more glitter around the flower centers.(Peewee Glitters)
Edging the CD with my silver Krylon pen,i was pleased with the outcome.
The actual pocket, is backed with the flower paper layered on silver miri card.,added a stamped fairy cutout(also glittered),stuck on with silicone glue .
Then making an oval the same way glued this onto the card as you see,edged with Krylon.
Looking in my craftbox for a topper,i came across the butterfly,which before throwing away an old pair of slippers i cut these off ! haha my motto is never throw anything,i may need it lol.
The CD will go inside the pocket when dry and a sentiment added.
Now back to do some creating in my altered Book !
Am i obsessed with crafting ?
ummm maybe :))

Saturday 12 April 2008

Crumpled Paper Background

Since posting my last blog i have been busy learning and creating new techniques,this is just one that amazed me !just had to blog it !

All you need is
White PC copy paper
2 different colour inkpads that match
Embossing powder
Versamark pad
and an iron !

First off , taking a piece of copy paper and crumpled it,then flattened it out you can see the creases and peaks.

Next get your inkpads and swipe them over, a mingling of colours.
I then used my Versamark pad(which is really glue) and gently placed some silver embossing powder over it ,then heated with a hotgun,till the silver which i used had melted.
then when dry just swiped again with more colour.
As you see you couldnt layer this on a card,it needs to be flat,thats where the iron comes in !

How easy is that *smiles i love it !
Here is the finished card
Hope you enjoy as much a i did.