Sunday 20 May 2012

Fabric Postcards

I get very bored on Saturdays,whenever that happens i make my way to the art room ,thats what happened yesterday !I really love to make postcards,so throwing a load of already dyed fabric pieces and felts etc,I began to get ideas,I first made a stamp out of Fun Foam of some ferns,my hands dont like me putting pressure on them due to RA, so the ferns were simple and quick...... No 1 the poppies are a section taken from an oil painting i finished last year,I transfered the image onto fabric through my printer,then added black beads for the poppy centres,,first i stamped the ferns over the top with Luminere paint,which drys very quickly.I layered onto stiff Vilene,was really pleased with the outcome. The next was just a matter of arranging and designing what i had to hand,felts and fabric images beads etc..the afternoon just flew ! hope you like, I was pleased to fill another day creating something from nothing as it were :))

Saturday 12 May 2012

I,m just giving this pen and ink work an airing,i drew it from life years ago for my father,it sat on his wall for years, he passed away five yrs ago so i now have it back,I couldnt believe the patience i had in those days lol,I just wanted to show it on my blog,it holds lots of memories for me.