Saturday 31 July 2010

Lilac Card

Or Book cover,not sure yet i create these things then dont know what to do with them,I never have a plan,I,m going to try next time.......

This one I started of with dye'd organza,practiced some embellishing on it with my machine,using different fabrics and some rovings,chiffon,Fibres etc.the large flower at the top is foam flowers from Poundland,layered up and beaded the centre,they are really useful for cardmaking.i bought some plain white ones to dye.
I,m calling this another practice piece,its not perfect,one day I,ll get there :D we hope.

Well thats Saturday morning playtime,better get off and cleanup the mess lol

Friday 30 July 2010

The Beginnings

The Beginnings

A piece of Viola dyed with Cosmic Sprays A4 size,A baby wipe dyed the same and some turquoise roving,and beads.

Where do i go from here i ask myself lol,I want to use my new embellisher machine,I need to back the fabric onto some white material so the colours come through crisp and clear.

But what shall i create? a purse? maybe a panel to attach to a plain cotton shopping bag i bought in Hobby craft.......errrr,book cover.........i giveup needs some thought(thinks aloud lol)any suggestions greatfully received !

Friday 23 July 2010

Altered Frame

Meet Lola Rae my new baby Great GrandDaughter,this is her first photo taken a few hours after her birth,I altered a plain pine frame i already had using a hot glue gun,metalic luminere paint and some gems lol

Thankyou all for all the Congrats i feel very old now !! LOL

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Baby Card !!

My Great Grand Daughter Born this morning July 22nd ! Lola Rae 8lb 4oz.

Sunday 18 July 2010

Mixed Media with a Vintage theme

This piece is for my Flickr Group Art n Soul here measurements 4"x4"'

The brief is
Your piece must measure at least 4 inches square or be of a reasonable postcard size (5 inches by 3 inches minimum)
and may be made from paper, mountboard, chipboard, canvas or fabric.
You must incorporate at least 2 (or all) of the following elements -

A vintage image (stamped or printed)
Paper collage
Some lace or ribbon or fabric
A button or other embellishment
Embossing or texture

I think i have met all the reqirements hopefully,its mainly fabric,has buttons and a vintage image,I have dye'd all the materials to match,although the flowers didnt come out the colour i wanted,I thought they looked vintagy(if there is such a word lol).so this is my entry,please take a look on the link at all the wonderful pieces the other ladies have created for this,very inspiring !

Wednesday 14 July 2010

The Lady in Blue

Needlefelted of course on my Embellisher machine lol,I received my book this morning Needle-Felting Magic by Margo Duke,I was inspired to make this piece ( A Book Cover),its a very thin book but a few lovely projects and handy tips for the beginner.

I broke more needles,now i know not to use ribbons ! but it was worth it to get the effect i was after,I am totally in love with this machine at the moment,each piece is a new experience and a learning curve,now i must find more different coloured fibres to use,off to Brighton tomorrow,hopefully find something there.Forgot to say the beaded ruffles under the image are dye'd baby wipes lol The whole piece is sewn and backed onto A4 card stock and folded

And The Lady in Pink..........

Saturday 10 July 2010

The addiction goes on !

Still practicing on my Embellisher machine,(only broke 3 needles so far at least i have learnt how to fix lol)I made these for my two daughter in Laws today to show them what the machine is capable of,giving me a chance to try out different materials,the orangy one is wool fibres overlayed with organza,that was interesting the way the organza ruffled up under the machine,i feel a lot of inspiration coming on lol,the pink one i tried rolling up some wool into balls laying them onto the already worked fibres then fixing on with the machine,you could make flowers this way a bit fiddley,but it works just time and patience !

So all in all i,m really pleased with this machine........this heat is getting me down though,bring back winter lol who likes being hot and sweaty ???????? :D

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Needlefelting beginner !

My new Needle Felting(Embellisher) machine came yesterday,these are my very first pieces,I LOVE it,when i first looked at it i thought ekkkkk i,m scared,i hate learning new machines and gadgets,but this is so easy !! no sewing no cotton,just a five prong set of needles that push into almost any sort of fabric,i hope lol,but i have used felt for a base here,also very narrow ribbon for the tree trunks .I mean to try other fabrics later,so if anyone has any tips for a beginner they would be most welcome or could recommend a good book,please let me know.

I started off by watching this vidio over and over,till it sunk in here

I bought some wool rovings i think its called and some balls of fibre,different colours.the top landscape is a mixture of both,i may bead that later,I am so thrilled with this new toy lol.I really want to do landscapes and book covers,its a whole new ball game this lol.

Latest,getting better,this is going to be a cover for a little book

Saturday 3 July 2010

Flower Purse,Next Stage.........

I,m not to sure about this design,I have just got home from my hols in the post was the August issue of Craft Stamper with a lovely flower stamp as a freebee,I have used the stamp on this purse,stamping with stazon then outlining with fabric pen,but am now wishing i had stamped onto spare fabric and cut round so the flowers stood out,to late now !! I live and learn lol.The buttons are the old 40's liberty bodice buttons (I call them)I found loads in a junk shop,they are great for dyeing to match designs.
I,m trying to clear my desks for a new Embellishing machine i have ordered,never tried needle felting,cant wait !