Saturday 28 November 2009

Landscape Purse

Landscape Purse painted with fabric paints on Taffater fabric,then embroidered with French Knots and beads.


2nd Stage......the reeds or stems are freesewn on my machine.The back is just muted painted colours

I first started by using an A4 piece of felt as a template and backing for my taffater fabric,then just folding.
The Flower in center is a brooch which i altered with alcohol inks to match,and had to saw the clasp off the back so it laid flat (that was fun lol) then I sewed it on.,the sequins I sewed a little bead onto each one.
Quite pleased with the outcome,found sewing the french knots boring,thats why theres not many :-] the birds in the sky i actually sewed, I was tempted to just draw in with pen,but thought it would look better this way,its all a learning curve,I,m soooooo loving it !

Friday 20 November 2009

Painted and Beaded Purse

At last I can get back into my crafting again,Life has been so busy,I had a couple day trips one to Norwich Market the other to Cambridge,I was desperate to stock up with fabrics,cottons lace etc,Norwich Market is just the place ! fantastic I managed to
purchase everything i needed........this purse is made with some lovely cotton embroidered material i bought there,which i decided to paint and totally alter,not sure if that was a good idea lol,I enjoyed doing it .

The image is a transfered fabric one,I had to alter that to by painting it in places to match,then fixed in a brass metal disc.,I,m just looking for some press studs now for closure.

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Lest we Forget

The 11th day,the 11th hour,the 11th month............Remembrance day for our fallen hero's.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Poppy Landscape in Fabric

The wonderful textile artist Gilda Baron inspired me to create this piece

I worked much the same as Glenda although I havent the patience to do all the hand sewing so where she does French Knots and all sorts of fancy stitchwork,I opted out for beads instead....... mine is a much simpler version,What drew me to this was the idea of painting a landscape background first off onto fabric.
I started with a plain piece of white cotton material,then painted with fabric paints also used some Acrylic paint,and Fabric Markers.

Next came the machine sewing,I used my darning foot,actually done some free sewing lol WITH a sewing hoop !! needs a lot of practice........

I,m quite pleased with the outcome,not sure what it will be used for yet,maybe a book cover or a wall hanging.........The poppies are more red/ orange looking here on my desk !
I used Fabric paper for these.

Sunday 1 November 2009

Christmas Angel

Christmas Card

Inspired by Beryl Taylor made with offcuts of Fabric Paper,hand and machine sewn.Backed with felt then fixed to card,.Hope you like her ! loved creating this one.the indents top and bottom are where i used pegs to fix,hopefully they will go lol