Sunday 23 October 2011

Pure Vintage

Pure Vintage because these 4x4 pages are the start of my Vintage all white fabric book,The images here are much better in real life but not as good as my normal ones,now i know why the cotton fabric i used was not a close weave,thats a lesson learnt,but they are ok for this little book.I have such a lot of lace,hopefully this will use some of it up,have to say i miss the dyeing of fabrics and colours,it is a challenge though :))It sure makes you appreciate colour ! always exciting starting something new,I can't wait to create the cover,needs a lot of thought !

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Autumn Colours

Fabric Postcard for a swap in my group,my favorite thing to do making fabric postcards.........this one is Batik fabric background layered onto felt,painted in gold fabric paint (leaves)and beaded,I know they used to make these in Victorian times,I,m off to google them see what comes up,I would love to collect them,proberly out my price range lol.