Sunday 28 February 2010

Its that Girl Again !!

I mean the image not me lol

I do love this image thats why i decided to use it for a friends card,I,m very excited as my friend and I met this lady on the internet years ago,now we are about to meet at last !!.....I dont think she will be looking at my blog lol.Shes not an arty crafty person,so i do hope she will like this.

The background is ...............wait for it ..........yep Fabric paper haha,but i have used the reverse side which is the Organza side as it looked prettier than the paper side,I used a flower napkin which shows through beautifully,and I also padded the heart.with lace sewn onto the card underneath,it was a quicky by my standards,it took just a morning to do.I found a nice friendship poem for the inside.

Thursday 25 February 2010

Fabric Flower Book Cover

Almost completed just have the inside covers and back to do,this is how i decided to do the wrap round cover with 4x4 pieces of hardboard with a dye'd and stamped piece of Vilene,which i have been experimenting with.
The materials used for the embellishments are Fabric paper and beads,background dye'd cotton laid onto felt for padding.

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Flower Book next stage

The next stage of my fabric flower book,I think my mojo,s back girls lol,I worked on these yesterday,this is just the bare bones,at least i have made a start,I found the images i wanted then had to transfer them onto fabric i used Tyvek for this as an experiment,Tyvek is a tough paper made of polyethylene fibres,rot resistant and water resistant,i was really pleased with the outcome,its got a very soft effect.Lucky that it came in A4 sheets so went through the printer great after ironing it onto the freezer paper.

Now comes the creative part of finding and making arty pieces to attach onto each page,then backing them,I think i will use a heavy watercolour paper for this,painting it up first,then maybe poems or words onto that.

But the most exciting piece for me will be to make the covers,I have an idea in my head for that,maybe a wrap around its just working out how to lol.
Can you tell i,m excited haha,it really get me on a high,mad i know but thats me :-]

Saturday 20 February 2010


My work table at the moment,I,m sort of in a strange place at the moment in my head,I think its called losing your mojo,although i know what i want to do its not coming together,normally once i start a project,it sails along fine,things go together one after the other,hard to explain,I have never been like this before,I,m lacking the inspiration,I suppose it happens to all of us at times,maybe the winter blues.........
I have been repairing cat(Pippa) damage in my hallway so had to decorate,hateee it !

Anyway this is the start of a 4x4 fabric book on flowers.background fabric paper made with napkins and organza yesterday,I do enjoy creating materials,dyeing fabrics etc,so got this far,BLANK now !! lol,that sunflower is the best transfer image i have ever done,it came out so bright and beautiful,that did inspire me for 2 seconds :=]the buttons Petra in my group sent me,love them!Now the lights gone so thought to fill the time i would do my blog,its been neglected lately.Also i want to find some nice flower images,perhaps its the wrong time of year to do this but i have started so will finish !
The book in the background with the vintage girl, I made to hold my needles and pins.

Sunday 7 February 2010

Mixed Media Art Quilt


For my swap partner Adrienne in my group UKArtswaps here

My attempt is after the style of Beryl Taylor,i really admire this lady as NOW i know how much work she puts into all her beautiful creations ! As its Valentines coming up soon,hearts sprung to mind :-] in fact everything i have created lately has hearts on,these things just happen lol.

I started off with a blank canvas in other words a piece of white cotton fabric and the same size piece of felt for backing.
I dye'd the cotton piece in muted colours,then left to dry while i made a piece of fabric paper,materials i used for that are napkins and organza material etc.......the info on how to make Fabric Paper is hereI then cut out the squares,oblongs and heart,with the FP ,which i machine sewed onto felt ,all these were placed onto the backing ,and moved around till i was happy with the design then i sewed those on.........I loved that butterfly(top left hand corner) that was part of a napkin showing through the Organza,just had to leave it !

I stamped the love heart and the heart bird into airdried clay,when dry i then painted with luminere paints,those were added,and glazed hoping the crackel glazes would strengthen the pieces.(we will see lol)

The image is a transfered fabric one,sewn on.I needed to fill in some gaps so out came the watercolour paper,which i tore into strips,stuck together and painted with watercolour, fixed these on with eyelets.

strips of red ribbon down the sides with fabric paper squares stitched on with beads.

Another enjoyable project,the last 2 days went super quick lol. !

Wednesday 3 February 2010

Baby Book completed !

Baby Book roughly 10"x11" Fabric and Lace Covered

At last its completed ,I just need to reinforce the corners,I,m not quite sure how yet,I may dip them in Beeswax or UTEE.
The images are Fabric transfered ones including the text at the top .The B for Baby is padded with wadding that was NOT easy lol,could have been better.The heart is padded with a brad in centre.each piece I did on seperate squares or oblongs,then stitched onto the base of dye'd fabric laid onto felt.

Such a lot of work like dying fabrics all that sewing ! I think the hardest job was putting it all together and wondering if it looks like a Baby Book haha,But you will be the judge of that hopefully.I might even change the tags,not to sure about them,could have been perhaps in a paler colour,i painted and stamped them,its finding the right stamps and baby stuff in my stash,without going out buying lots.

The book is a new one with all the usual stuff inside like places to put photos and momento's of Baby ,also pages can be added........Aimee my granddaughters baby is due beginning of July,we dont know if its a boy or girl yet,so I tried to keep away from pinks and blues.

I had to alter the whole of the front and back covers,by painting with acrylic in bronze metalic, then covering with papers, the edge where the ribbon is was a dark blue so i used a gold Kyrlon pen on that and put new ivory ribbon in.

I hope Aimee will like it !