Thursday 28 January 2010

Checking in !

Just checking in to say yes i am crafting lol,its been a couple weeks since i have blogged or it seems it !
I am working on my biggest project ever, a baby book for my Grand Daughter who's baby is due beginning of July,I wanted to make an early start mainly because i am itching to start it !
I am actually altering a shop bought baby book which is new but a very boring cover lol,much more space for me to create in as well !Its going to be fabric.....well lots of mixed media,but the base is fabric on felt,I have made a start and loving it,hopefully i can find the gold paint i need today,then get it finished for the weekend ........
Watch this space lol

Here is a tiny Pins and Needles booklet i made for a swap last week ,painted landscaped on fabric with beads.



Friday 15 January 2010

Hugs from the Heart

A challenge for my new Flickr group "Hugs from the Heart" here

This is made from a template that Viv put up, for a Valentines challenge.

I first dye'd my fabric's and the images are transfered fabric ones,with a recycled bracelet on the purple side,both sides have padded hearts in the centre which i then sewed the images onto,when beaded and charms added,i sewed back to front,although by the pics one looks bigger than the other,not so they are both same size,just over 4".
The sewing is not perfect but i enjoyed the challenge !

Thursday 14 January 2010

From Fabric to Metal !

From Fabric to Metal !

Yes i know,I do go from one extreme to another lol,the girl cant help it, because my new Cuttlebug embossing folder came today ,I think its the latest one out,Loveeee it,a scrolled frame,had to have a play ,out came the beercans,I keep saying i dont really drink but i do like a shandy now and again haha,hence the stock of cans !(just so's you know hehe)

It was difficult to find the right image,I chose a photo of one of my paintings a river scene,,printed it out on glossy photo paper,then used my old friend Anita's 3D gloss,just to protect the pic on the front of what is now a sketch book ! I added a Dragonfly charm i already had,then hammered with an embossing tool a pattern all round the edges.

Added a gold chain as a pull to open the book (didnt really need it but thought it looked good lol.....and the key is hanging by a Tim Holtz swival clasp,another addition to my stash,will i ever stop buying this stuff ...........and will i ever get time to sit and use a sketch book again ,i,m to busy making them lol.

It all came together using my Bind it All machine.

Monday 11 January 2010

Anyone who has a Heart ..................

Reminds me of that song lol.........

6"x6" maybe book covers !
Do we say thankyou God for the snow,so we are trapped in to craft all day ?YES ,i get this nice cosy feeling all warm, looking out on a white frozen world outside,in here trying to create something with colour,its not easy but here is the weekend's efforts.

Still into my fabrics,paints and beads,I didnt really know what to create thats useful other than book covers,which could be adapted for the front of purses or bags,I dont know ,but just enjoy putting it all together,playing with paint on fabric to see what happens on different materials.

These started off as white rayon material with a sheen,I tried Brusho paints my favorite as you drop or brush the paint/dye on, the colours merge with one another I get a kick out of that lol,a bit disappointed to see the colour fade as it dried.I was working with Beryl Taylors book by my side she always inspires me,and love her heart themes that run through her book,as you see its rubbed off on me,I downloaded a heart template from Google images (free one)dyed the fabric for these,then padded them out before beading,lots of machine work,as when the fabric was dry i then stitched onto felt.

The flowers are diecuts,I was suprised my Sizzix cut through material,something else i learned lol..........the enameled butterfly brooch i bought for 10p on the market ,just cut the back off.Also there is a strip of Fabric Paper running down the side,i couldnt bring myself to throw away.knew it would come in useful :-].

Cant even get a decent photograph this weather the light is bad today.The metal charm heart ,center of the second one is acually blue glass but the light has caught it.

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Steam Punk Woman ATC

Steampunk Woman
My first attempt at Steampunk,this is for a challenge at Artful Ideas Group here
This is the explanation here
I did'nt really know where to start,so google'd around and grasped the idea of Steampunk I hope.....this is the outcome !

I found a piece of heavy cardstock that had been sprayed with brown and gold metalic inks to use as my base,then found in my stash the metal wings,watch parts from Ebay,and the round perspect rings to go over her eyes,this is definitly a fantasy piece lol,it just snowballed (thats a joke,looking out the window onto deep snow !)I have to say i did enjoy the challenge,soooo different to sewing ! but nice to get stuck in and get mucky pulling metal watch parts to pieces etc.
The large round watch backing i dropped the cog wheels and bits into then dripped Anita's 3D gloss over it acts as a glue and dry's to a nice glossy finish.

Maybe I will do another looks like i,m grounded here,a foot of snow outside ughhhhh.

And another !
Steam Punk Flower