Friday 28 January 2011


Thankyou for this award Jinny !


Now that I have it I have to tell you 8 things about myself and then pass this award on to 8 others. So here we go.............

I only started crafting about 9 years ago after my hubby passed away,thank God for it,helped me through a difficult time,before that i was a published Artist,painting and drawing was my life after leaving Art College,in later years my claim to fame was being commissioned by Royal Doulton to design a set of mugs and landscapes for their plates,a great honour.

I,m 72 years old,5ft.3" tall.and blonde lol(at the moment haha)
I have 2 sons,2 grand children,and 1 great granddaughter ,they all live in my town..
I read a lot mainly when i go to bed,love Saga's,Modern and crime,favorite author Susan Lewis.
I live on my own with Pippa my cat we have a love hate relationship lol,she trys to rule me........
I have travelled a lot since Bills been gone with my friend Joan,met some of my internet friends in the US ,been to Venice,Portugal,Paris,Italy,Poland,Malta,etc.
As you see by my blog Fabric Art has taken over my life,I love the work of Beryl Taylor,mixed media artist.
Like Jinny I also love the work of Tim Holtz,brilliant artist *bow's down lol.

Now i'm going to give this award to 8 other fellow bloggers and all you have to do is the same as I have.

So my awards go too.....

Deb(Aka Rustycage

Lace Book Completed

Finished at last,I am quite happy with it but struggled with putting it together,its quite large 8x8",I didnt want to use my Bind it all machine,thought it would spoil the look,the first attempt did'nt work out so i had to remake the edging ughhh,it ended up like this which i thought after was a bit over the top,but will have to do.
I get to a stage where enoughs enough lol.Sewing not perfect but achieved the look i wanted :)its all a learning curve.

Below are all the pages,front and backs.

Friday 21 January 2011

Project in Progress !

Lace Book
Just a preview of my new project,a lace fabric book,i have such a lot of lace stashed, thought this would be a good way of using it up and keep me busy,really enjoying myself,if i can do at least one page a day i will be happy !

Back soon with the finished item i hope :))..........

Monday 3 January 2011

Art Journal 2011

Art Journal 2011
I promised myself to start an art journal this year,to put down something each day inside, no matter what, be it a doodle ,a writeup of something crafty i have bought and maybe a sample try out of a product,or just a little poem or quote i come across.............just about anything really that i have done that day.

This book i bought in Covent Garden a couple of years ago,it caught my eye,just a plain blank notebook, but all the pages are like brown paper,dont ask why i bought it lol,i just thought that will come in handy one day,and now it has ! I love anything a bit different.

Of course i had to cover it with fabric,but this time i thought i would try the bleach technique with cotton material,wish i never bothered :) but after embellishing it and making pen pockets i quite liked ,I used Cosmic Shimmer sprays to dye it in peacock blues and greens.The lettering i embossed using mica powders.

I have started a new regime of Physio with a nice young man,who has scrapped all my shoulder exercises,for a new lot,I,m in more pain but thats the idea,Pain before gain i guess lol,back to see the surgeon early Febuary,I have a feeling i am going to end up on the operating table anyway *sighs............

Happy New Year to all and Happy crafting,bet you all have lots of new goodies to play with,i did get a couple for Christmas,but have been Ebaying,bought a couple of Tim Holtz masks,Mica powders and dyes,so all stocked up.... oh and some of his Mini Misters,love them,
they dont clog up !