Saturday 28 August 2010

Painted Purse

Another little purse but painted this time with Luminere metalic paints,first painting up a piece of Bondaweb on the glue side then using a hot iron, Ironed it paint side down onto a piece of white cotton,wonderful effect ! then sewed with my machine onto a felt backing for padding, after beading and placing a friendly plastic flower onto the front I lined it with lilac silk fabric.

The picture doesnt do it justice at all,with all this tech nowadays you would think they could come up with something to make our images more 3D lol.Anyway another little experiment to fill my time beats doing the ironing which has been looking at me for day Ughhhhhhhh lol

Friday 27 August 2010

Gothic Arch Book

A Gothic Arch Book Swap i took part in,we had to make 13 pages each theme being dark and grungy with a metalic feel,then Annie the hostess swapped them out so we all had a different page from everyone,this is the result.

This morning i made the cover for it,with UTEE and my hotgun using gold embossing powder and mica powders,Thanks to Jean for giving me the idea of using a Tim Holtz grunge hinge for closure,the butterfly i picked up in Covent Garden second hand market.

Have included a couple of the inside pages created by Myself, Chris, Annie, and Adrienne(UkArtSwaps Group here).A really enjoyable challenge !





Wednesday 25 August 2010

Fabric Paper Purse

I am so pleased with myself today with this little purse,its 5"x6" in size,took me 3 days to create and made completely from scratch as my hubby used to say,I started off with plain white organza and a couple of flowery paper napkins,and made 2 sheets of fabric paper,but for this i wanted the Organza side showing as its so pretty,feels very tactile soft and silky,the napkin patterns show through beautifully.
Then i dye'd up some plain white cotton fabric same colours using Cosmic Shimmers to spray dye then used this for lining the inside,the fabric paper pieces i layered up onto felt to give it a bit of body,then had to sew the beads and flower on before sewing all the pieces together.I am going to give it a press with the iron,just to finish off..........thinking about it nothing i do is perfection,whatever we create we can always find fault,well me anyway,but it is an original piece of work,never thought it was in me to create LOL .

This next one is made from a silk scarf i picked up in a charity shop,I recycled it into this purse attaching a beaded earring.

Thursday 19 August 2010

Embellished Bag

Created on my embellisher machine today,bit different for me as this bag is quite large nearly A4 size..........just to practice,quite suprised myself lol,I lined it with Dye'd Vilene inside,broke 2 needles in the process ughhhhhh :D

Wednesday 11 August 2010

A fun day !

They could be...........

Credit or Business card wallets,or makeup purse for your evening bag lol.............

Had a really interesting and enjoyable day today,my first experiments with Bondaweb,its so cheap to buy as well,such a lot you can do with it......

I decided to cut a small piece off and paint it with Lumiere metalic paints,painting it on the glue side,waited for the paint to dry then turned paint side down onto some soft white vilene then used a hot iron,WOW the effects are amazing,i will never tire of trying different techniques out,most of the time its very satifying.

The top pink one i embellished with my machine using some scraps of rovings to give it some nice wooly texture,than added the pansy fabric flower.

The bottom one was so pretty and metalic looking i didnt want to cover so just added the piece of real Turquoise.......for closures on both i used Velcro which i dye'd to match.Hope you like them !