Wednesday 21 May 2014

Popup cards !

Another first for me,really enjoyed ! These came up in my local craft group to make so i thought why not,I am going to need a few birthday cards for the family in the next few months,so now what with the exploding box and now these,I,m well ahead of myself and they get something different this year !they are quite easy to make,but you do need a scoring board for making the templates,I have a "Hougie Board" which is inches one side and centimetres the other and 12x12 in size,but any board on the market would do as long as it takes an A4 card. Hope you like its certainly different lol

Friday 16 May 2014

Exploding Box !

Yep I,m onto exploding box,s now ! which makes a nice change for birthday this year I have only made a couple so far,really enjoyed it,such a lot of possibilities its all down to the imagination and creativity :) If you would like to make one here,s the instructions :) 2 pieces of 12x12 card and papers Score at 4"in then 8" in. Turn card and score the same Cut 4 corners out 1 9x9 piece of card and paper Score at 3" then 6" Turn and score the same Cut corners out....... For the Lid 1 piece of 6"x6" card allow 1/8th over to fit nicely as some card thicker or cut the card to 6 1/8" x 6 1/8" You may want to layer the sides of box which makes it a bit thicker. Score at 1" all round for the corners cut in diagonal then snip a piece out to glue fold the edges and turn in use UHU glue then put pegs on to hold while drying. Then embellish! enjoy There is a wineglass in the middle which is difficult to see in this pic...

Sunday 11 May 2014

Bird Journal

I havent been able to do my blog lately,it seems i have to have Google Chrome for it to work so here i am at last ! I have been crafting like a mad woman for the past months,just cant get enough of it,all this inspiration on the internet,so much to try,such a lot of products to experiment with,whats a woman to do lol i have created a lot of Mixed media canvas,s (Finbair style) really enjoyed,exploding boxs ! bit different for me,and now back to fabrics with a lot of Mixed Media stuff going on....Now i,m going to try and get some pics uploaded,keeping my fingers crossed its going to work ! if not i,m giving up lol Some inside pages WIP. My exploding box yaaa :) Not finished yet will upload on next post. My Canvas,s A small glass mail slider Last but not least some Artists Trading Cards ! Oooops and a couple more Canvas,s