Saturday 30 October 2010

Grunge Paper and Fabric Flower Cards

Grunge Paper Flower cards

I,m still trying to do a little bit of crafting and sewing although my shoulder is still painful to move it,MRI scans on wednesday so hopefully they can sort me out after.

This past week i have been inspired to make some grunge paper flowers,why is it i still need to buy stuff,I have the diecut machines and a couple of flower punches but still need more different shape flowers grrrrrr ..........

Well with what i have at hand this is what i came up with not earth shattering lol but passable,i used some templates and my punch to cut ot these (bought some grunge paper from Ebay,I LOVE Ebay lol)
I then painted with metalic acyrlic paints before that i embossed on my cuttlebug,but did'nt work to good on grunge,so next time i will try card ,take a look at this ladies vidio on making flowers,very inspiring here The backgrounds i have used Batik Fabric layered onto felt,I meant to do some fancy stitching but forgot !
The blue/green card i dye'd some ribbon for the centre then put some gold glue dots onto that,used a brad for the centre to hold it all together.

Watching that vidio i think,i will invest in some more die's of different flower shapes we go again lol

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Flower Purse

This purse has been hanging around waiting to be finished for my friend,so today i took the plunge,just need to find some sort of closure for it.

I think this one has taken me the longest to complete as its sort of grown from nothing lol, just basic white fabrics dye'd layered onto felt for padding,I used my embellisher machine to create the flowers,but first using a rubber stamp for a template,a couple I diecut on my sizzix machine,then added the beads and a airdried clay butterfly i made ages ago.All trial and error as per usual,but quite pleased with it,I love a project that uses all tech's especially painting ,just experimenting with colour.

Monday 11 October 2010

I,m back !

Its ages since i did any crafting due to my painful shoulder,the problem being that in order to craft i have to pull down box's from shelves and hunt through my stash,you know what thats like trying to find things,so its been quite difficult,I lost my mojo there for awhile lol..........Still under the hospital having Physio,I see the consultant Thursday,I dont think it will be good news,still have limited movement and a lot of pain.

I just thought i would give it a try yesterday or go mad with boredom,Annie in my group sent me some pieces of Batik fabric,they have been looking at me for days,been itching to make something so this is the result........I used a piece as a background stitched onto felt,then googled for a fishy template,this i traced onto a piece of see through Viola material then painted it,then sewed onto background and padded out with some cotton wool,then beaded.I have made a greetings card with it 4"x4" Just need a caption now to add,like have a fishy day haha(NOT)
I,m also in the middle of an oil landscape,will take me ages but at least I have made a start !

Now i know where theres a will, theres a way,I can use my sewing machine Yaaaaaaaa lol now i,m in the mood i,m going to make a couple more of these cards.