Friday 30 April 2010

Collabarative Quilt Squares....continues.

Just completed 2 top ones for the Flower theme,2 bottom ones for colours of Green theme.
For those I have used some Tim Holtz Grunge painted green then used his clear rock candy to crackle glaze.The same with the Butterfly.
The river image is a pic of one of my paintings.......also used a dye'd baby wipe for the background,
Onwards and upwards lol hope to finish by next weekend,as i have all the backs to cover.

When I receive all my squares from the girls i will make my quilt up to show you,really looking forward to that !!

Friday 23 April 2010

Patchwork Quilt with a difference

These are the first two squares 4x4 " for a swap,there is around 6 people working on this all different themes,each person in the swap names the theme she wants,so we do two squares per person in their named theme,my first is the Vintage ones...........I want my quilt to be Vintage so i should get 12 Vintage themes back to make up my quilt.

Wish i could explain it better,but thats me total confusion in the brain department lol.hope you get what i mean.

On my list i have 10 more to create those being Vintage, Owls,Nature,Flowers,Faces etc,so will be busy for the next few weeks,what a challenge lol.It was my idea,I should keep quiet !!.........I,m loving it,my Art room looks like a mad woman has been let loose !

I have used,dye'd fabrics,antique lace,beads,Fabric Paper,luminer paints........etc etc .........When i get all my squares back and make up my quilt i,m hoping to frame it,a lovely original piece of artwork from my internet crafting friends.

Monday 19 April 2010

My Monday Market finds

My bits

For Holly


Second Hand Rose once again lol

My trip to Covent Garden Antique and secondhand Market ,was a success on the beads and buttons but not so much Lace,I was looking for Victorian lace, they did have some but very expensive,I managed to find a stall that was selling bits and pieces at £1 a bit,looked very tatty but thats the name of the game lol,I was really excited to find the old cloth buttons that i can dye,very cheap,I took all she had which wasnt a lot as you see !Another lady had french lace £1 a metre that was great.

All the beads in the compartment box are broken jewellery,took me ages to sort out in colour etc,well pleased,so not a bad day could have been better,it was so cold so we did'nt want to hang about,was hoping to get in to see a westend afternoon shows on a Monday so we didnt plan that to well lol.

Holly my daughter in Law asked me to look out for stuff for her handicapped peoples art and craft classes,i found just the stall with bags of mixed flowers, jewellery etc... all sorts for £1 a bag,so they can have fun using their creativity with that hopefully.Shes got them doing Fabric Art lol.

My friend Joan who came with me makes necklaces,she found some broken ones shes going to recycle,lucky enough we was alone in the train compartment so tucked into some fresh cream eclairs on the way home lol .

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Tattered and Stitched !

"Layered Tattered and Stitched" Fabric Workshop by Ruth Rae
is my new book just purchased Ruths Blog here

Anything goes with this lady,very inspiring book ,you dont have to be neat and tidy lol it is Art after all ,so i just threw this piece together,it works for me,I found this new gold fabric paint by Dylon in a small jar,and went a bit mad with it,especially on the back of this little bag which was white,i dye'd it with Cosmic Shimmer sprays,then painted the gold on.

Off to Covent Garden Market Monday which is the Second hand market day, so hope to pick up some cheap finds like beads and lace,really looking forward to it !

Friday 9 April 2010

Cutting Edge

The first entries to my new Technique Book are the new Tim Holtz "Cutting Edge" Sizzix diecut onto a background using the spray starch technique ......Yep actually Spray starch lol,my thanks to Trish Bee for the introduction to this facinating tech ! you can see her experiments here

I have used Cosmic Shimmers with Spray starch on the left and the same on the right but with cling film,still experimenting lol,lots of fun !(Click pic to enlarge)
Another tutorial here
And here

Wednesday 7 April 2010

In the Pink

I wish i was lol,not been feeling well lately having a cold for the past week,its taken all the go out of me,but i,m getting back in the flow........

Another Book cover,different colours lol,this Daler Rowney sketch book i have had for years and not used,so thought if i pretty it up i may use it,it has nice thick blank pages and quite a thick book,so maybe i could create something on each page,not all fabric designs but a bit of everything,I have such a lot of experimenting to do with all my Tim Holtz stuff and new techniques to try,so it could be a sort of reference book on techniques,......big ideas i know lol, we will see.

The background of this cover is the usual dye'd cotton,watercolour paper,Fabric Paper,lovely cloisonne beads i bought from Ebay,and lace.