Tuesday 28 April 2009

Peace ATC..N/A

For Mamma Group,this weeks theme is using a babywipe background with inks,so I have used alcohol inks and sprayed Glimmer Mist over the babywipe,the butterfly is the kitchen towel which i had the babywipe placed on while working,I didnt want to cover the background up,its so lovely and furry lol.Card is quite glittery but not showing up,also embellished with yellow gems


Monday 27 April 2009

Watercolour and Rock Salt

4X4 Watercolour Technique with Rock salt....
I used 140LB weight watercolour paper for this Technique,also using wet in wet technique,by soaking the paper with water first, then while holding the paper upright drop in the colour from the top,then gradually turn the paper so you get a nice feathering look,while still wet shake on some rock salt and leave to dry.Lovely effect,can also be used for landscape paintings to aquire the look you would like on building walls etc,like a weathering effect.(different colours of course lol)
The jigsaw puzzle pieces are done with W/colour pencils scribbled on and wiped over with a baby wipe and stamped........ just experimenting today lol

Monday 20 April 2009

Recycled !

An ATC, For this weeks Mamma Theme "Recycling"Background-wallpaper,painted with Lumiere metalic paints.Tag-Kitchen worktop sample,painted with Lumiere paint,stamped into.Discarded Key and silver metal locket,covered with alcohol inks..edging on card and tag UTEE.Image is a stamped piece that went wrong lol


Saturday 18 April 2009

Spring Series ATC's

Just to celebrate Spring a Series of four loose watercolours from life.

Friday 17 April 2009

Collage on Canvas

Collage on Canvas 5"x7" using Acrylics,Gesso,and Airdried clay for the flowers,Distress Inks and Sharpie pens.

Quote----Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time .

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Fat Page Jam Swap

I was recently invited by Rustycage11 to take part in a Jam Swap 4x4 pages also taking part was Val, Flippinpest ,the following pages are my creations,the themes being Wabi Sabi,Drumroll(childrens entertainment)and my choice Poems.......

These first ones are for Deb( Rustycage11) starting with Wabi Sabi her theme choice !

The Back........ an explaination of Wabi Sabi,there is a lot more to it,than the part I chose, I opted for the colour palette.Front(Wabi Sabi).......The background is alcohol inks then stamped on a piece of acetate then laid over...... a miniture domino stamped and added as a tag,also a braided tag,stamped,the otherside of this tag is metal,run through my Cuttlebug.
For the Poem theme I chose to do a watercolour scene which I thought would go nice with the poem .

This last one I did a collage of the circus on alcohol inks ..........(Drumroll ,this was Flippinpest's theme choice)

This next set I created for Val (Flippinpest)much the same techniques.You can see the metal tag in this pic, I did the same on Deb's.

A different Poem for Val on the back !

Drumroll !

Thankyou girls for inviting me,a very enjoyable swap !

Timeless Beauty ATC

For Mamma GroupTheme...... Time......My first ever Inkjet transfered Image on fabric !! woohoo at last I did it without damaging my printer lol.I bought some Freezer Paper off Ebay,kept putting it off because the idea is to iron on the freezer paper onto A4 size piece of material then run it through your printer,to transfer an image from your PC onto the fabric,it works lol,but i was sooooo scared I thought it may muck my printer up,but I have this little devil inside me that says DO IT !....the paper starts to curl as it goes through,so I used a stick to hold it down,very scary..........
This is the link that inspired me

Monday 13 April 2009

Domino Book No2 Landscape

Inside pages are a watercolour scene which I glitter Mod Podge'd over,this is before attaching to the dominos.

Back.......Stamped,I am getting a lot of use out of this one tree stamp (notice there is a little rabbit sitting on the right)

Front and back domino's for my book,I couldnt find the right colours to match the watercolours I wish I had left these all lilac coloured now,ahhhhh well to late,we live and learn lol.Waiting for the 3D gloss to dry before attaching to the pages,then just attach ribbon for closures.

Oriental Altered Domino Book


Another altered domino book,Oriental this time,as I knew I have all Easter Monday bank holiday to play,(no visitors)heres the outcome :-]............
Top is the finished book,created with alcohol inks,and stamping,the inks are a mixture of silver and Stream from Tim Holtz.
Middle picture is just stamping onto distressed inks with a piece of oriental ribbon attached.
Bottom,is pretty oriental paper off a narrow block pad I had as a Xmas pressie,with oriental stickon ribbons attached top,bottom and sides.
I,m pleased with the finished project,looks much better in person lol,enjoyed my morning,now to clearup the mess ughhhhhhhhh.
Hope everyones having a lovely holiday weekend !

Saturday 11 April 2009

Chunky Book Completed !

My thanks to Rustycage11 and Flippinpest (click on their names to see the pages !)for inviting me to join in a Jam swap 4x4 Fatbook pages,the themes are Wabi Sabi,Childrens entertainment,and Poems,
now included in this little book !I forgot to take photo,s of mine ! typical lol.
They kindly said they will blog them when received,I,m not happy with the PO at the moment either Debs !
Also I would like to thank Okwiccan in the US for the last page I included you can see her's here
Thankyou girls for an enjoyable swap !
My pages are now blogged !

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Scrabble tile Pendants

Altered Scrabble tiles........I dont think I will ever tire of making these,so quick to do,thats if your using wooden tiles,the plastic ones involve a bit more work,as they have hollow backs which have to be filled in.
Looking at these two I have still a long way to go to perfection lol,also finding the right images,these are just collaged and glazed over.

Saturday 4 April 2009

Altered Jigsaw Piece

This project was for a swap in my Yahoo group the theme being Spring.
I love to collect old jewellery which would normally be thrown away,any pieces i see in markets I buy cheaply, or friends send me knowing it wont be wasted just recycled lol,so the backing on this jigsaw piece is an old earring,its quite big,not the sort of thing I would wear lol,but ideal for what I had in mind.

The jigsaw piece I altered by first sticking some handmade backing paper on sprayed with inks then stamping with a daffodil stamp,colouring with Stardust pens (my favorite glitter thing)then glazing over with Anita's 3D Gloss finish,the little yellow flowers attached after,also the bead and lobster claw clasp.
I,m not sure what my swap partner will use this for lol,maybe to hang on a bag or mobile or just an ornament :-]......

Bind it All Machine

My Altered Beermat book finished,I really wanted to do more pages,but i was worried about getting the thickness into my Bind it All machine,I keep forgetting I have to be careful which sort of embellishments i attach to the pages,for one,placing one page at a time into the small opening for punching holes,I found I had to take off some small beads on one page just to get it into the machine,I thought I can put those back after anyway.. phew lol.
Attaching tin,key, and a cameo onto the front,also an altered domino on the back didnt help !so this was certainly a learning curve......anyway I am quite pleased with the outcome,really enjoyed myself creating it.

More Altered Beermats !

Another 2 for my book ! loving doing these,just stamped and collaged with beads and altered jigsaw,embellishments added,poems on backs,the left side left blank for the binding machine holes

Friday 3 April 2009


Altering Beermats

Two more pages for my book.
Spray ink backgrounds ,collaged,right altered jigsaw stamped and Glazed.