Wednesday 27 May 2009

Altered Key No 4

Addicted to these ...Altered key with an altered miniture domino and jigsaw piece,all painted with Lumiere paints,fixed with Anita's 3D gloss

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Think White

This weeks Mamma ATC Challenge is "White"
Background textured paper,diecut flowers,Paper Casting Text,Fimo Face,cuttlebug embossed heart,mirror,and white beads.
Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of Life"

This ones different ! a first for me,I thought the only way is to show textures,I,m pleased with the outcome !

Monday 25 May 2009

Altered Keys

Bank Holiday Monday altering keys lol,I had to wait till Sunday to get the old keys off my son,had a lovely time at his BBQ,the weather was beautiful,it was lovely to relax in the fresh air with the sun on my face,today rain,typical british weather !

I so enjoyed doing these keys,they are for Gas Mamma altered art swap group here
The challenge for this month is altered keys with a romance theme.

I found them quite easy to do other than having to wait for the paint to dry,which is not long working with acrylics,and Lumiere paints,some old jewellery,it was fun.
The gold one in the middle has an altered miniture domino as well.

Thursday 21 May 2009

Watercolour Notepad

Made with my Bind It All Machine,with offcuts of watercolour paper,(Waste not Want not lol)watercolour painting of the Queen Elizabeth Rose.quickly done for my notepad.

Wet in wet watercolour technique

I wanted to blog this watercolour today before it gets forgotten,I painted it sometime ago, I gave it to my friend Pauline for Christmas,when she was over here from Malta ....its a favorite technique of mine,as I dont paint as much these days,with all these crafting techniques to learn lol

This technique with watercolour paint is called wet in wet,I used 140LB weight paper,which I then wet all over then starting from the top mixed up colbolt blue,with a touch of Ultramarine,brushed straight across the top of the paper,then held it upright to let the colour flow down,(and from side to side)dropping some yellow in midway,(middle distance).......then with a darker mix of these colours with a touch of Crimson to make it a darker hue, I just dopped this in for the distant trees or shrubs,then quickly turned the board upside down to let the paint fuse in,beautiful effect,it always amazes me after all these years painting,the lovely effects you can get using this technique.

The look of distance in this painting is due to the drawing in of the stream,it hopefully takes the eye into the scene,and worked the same way just dropping colour into the wet paper,then blasting it all over with my hairdryer.......
The look is misty,therefore named Winter Mist :-]

Monday 18 May 2009

My Workspace

Watercolour Book

Take a good look LOL as it will be a long time before its this tidy again !!

Saturday evening,didnt feel in the mood for crafting,looked at the mess in my Art room,thought right here goes big cleanup,I dont like working in a mess,when paint is splattered over everything and things get put away in wrong drawers,it gets a headache,I waste lots of time just looking for here it is TIDY lol
I also made more workspace,as all round the rest of the room is those plastic drawers on wheels,bookcases,TV,PC, etc,I quite enjoyed myself,reorganising them,lets hope I can find stuff now lol,everythings labelled so should be ok..

After finishing that,I had found loads of watercolour paper offcuts,this is very precious to me,as w/colour paper is quite expensive,out comes the Bind it All machine to make a book,then it needed something on the cover..........has to be a painted one of course,with a bit of stamping and hey one of those Brocade butterflies lol,I then brushed it all over with Mod Podge

Saturday 16 May 2009

Saturday Baking Day !

No not cookies,but Polymer clay brocades lol,the new technique as shown by Adrienne on her blog

I used my cuttlebug embossing folders instead of stamps,found that worked well for me,Did not use black Fimo for any of these as I had run out,so used light blue,and red.

I am quite pleased with todays batch,the top photo made with Fimo then the bottom pic with Airdried clay (Das),a few of the Fimo have bubbled up in the baking process,only to be expected when you get sidetracked,forgetting they are in the oven LOL.........a couple on the top pic are just clay I had left over so did a couple to paint later.
The Air dried ones I found are a bit ragged around the edges,they can be sanded down when I need them.
Will I ever use all these butterflies I ask myself lol....

Friday 15 May 2009

Tin Can Art Doll

For Mad Mamma Group challenge

Shes made out of a beercan,Pegs for arms and legs,Butterfly diecut piece of tin run through cuttlebug to cut shape,then alcohol inks applied. stuff used for model railway scenery,then everything painted with metalic acrylics,gold and bronze.

I was a bit worried about sharp pieces of tin,so covered the tin in sticky backed fabric for her dress,then painted over.She was fun to make,kept my mind working at each stage, as it sorted of snowballed as I went along.Oh and her face is airdried clay pressed into the can base.

Just got to paint the back.
Thankyou Margaret,you sure get me going LOL

Wednesday 13 May 2009

Gypsy ATC

Created for this weeks Mamma Challenge
A Gypsy theme in an arch shaped ATC

Thankyou Margaret for this weeks theme I just love this sort of thing,where I can use my old bits of jewelery,this one was just some nice background paper I had to hand with gold blobs stamped on,the foreground image was just black and white so I coloured her with Stardust pens,the glitter is not showing up,but its there lol,I edged the card by dipping in melted UTEE

Sunday 10 May 2009

Polymer Clay Brocade Technique

Polymer Clay Brocade Technique

This weekend I have been working on this new technique,had lots of fun doing it,but havent perfected it yet,if you see Adrienne's results on her blog here,this is what it should look like !!

The first batch I baked the temp was to high,so the paint all bubbled up,I love this one the best lol ,thats the one on the right of my photo,the heart in the middle......the one on the left is nearer to how it should be,but not quite,so I will practice more,maybe using different clay,this one is Fimo.
The two books I made to use these embellishments on, are one for my swap partner and one for me,although I may come up with a better outcome with my next attempt,so I,m hanging on to these for the time being lol.

Friday 8 May 2009

Beermat Bird Book !


Beermat Bird Book

Is'nt creating Art exciting ! I am so lucky to be retired and being able to get up in the morning thinking of an idea,before I know where I am I,m doing it ! not dressed or showered still creating at 11am from 7..........
OMG you may think lol what is she like ! the girl just cant help it,its called getting carried away haha.
Anyway this is the outcome,I have been wanting to start another book altering beermats or recycling lol,and also wanted to do a book with a bird theme,I dont know what happened but Vintage ladies and fabric got into this first page the design will be carried through,(hopefully).
The idea was in my head because of a new group I joined,they have a swap going on creating a Meandering Book...take a look really beautiful....... (just a link I found to explain)
The problem being for me its a fabric book and I am definitly not into sewing !I was wondering if it was possible to do it without using a sewing machine,thats where this bird book comes in,as I wanted to try a square with fabrics.....soooo I started off with a small canvas square which i painted with acrylics,the vintage lady is a tranfered image onto fabric overlayed with acetate,then fixed to my background, with a triangle of silk fabric in the corner,cutout lace flowers onto that,my Jenny Wren collaged on,beads on a ribbon fixed under all these.Its not really what a Meandering book is all about to me,the look of my one,back to my beermat book lol !
I now feel all crafted out,looking at the mess around me,its time to clean up :-] ooops i can see i need to fix a flower in the bottom left hand corner we go again lol ! ..........or maybe I should have dyed that white lace.................................