Saturday 25 June 2011

Vintage Fabric Book Complete !

Back Cover

All done,I enjoyed doing binding last night,and sewing the beads along the edge etc
Now onwards and upwards to the next project,got to keep busy !

Friday 24 June 2011

Back to Vintage !

Couldnt wait to get back to my Fabric Art,started on my Vintage ladies fabric book,these are all the pages ready for making into a book,I still have the covers to do,needs a lot of thought before i jump in,also i may add some more embellishments to a couple of these.......

I,m quite mad with myself because i really wanted to experiment with more mixed media for the backgrounds and bellies,but because i have been deprived from playing with my fabrics and images (due to painting lol)I just had to get inspired again,so the next book i,m going to really get into trying out new techniques...saying all that i,m pleased with these and will have fun putting it all together,hopefully today !

I have used transfered images done with freezer paper through my printer,and dye'd all my background fabrics,some fabric paper used too,also I made a couple of fabric beads,and added some pieces of vintage lace and buttons,which are so hard to find nowadays,I must go on the hunt,antique shops,markets etc,always enjoy that !

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Ballet Shoes Completed

Hope my lady likes it !I have used Metallic Acyrlic paints as she asked me to

Now i can get on with my crafting,ummmmm what shall i do,i know.. i have been thinking of creating another Vintage fabric book,have done the transfered fabric images and dye'd lots of fabrics,so now the worlds my oyster lol.

The weather is just awful today raining and so dark so nothing else gets done today !!