Wednesday 29 July 2009

Second Hand Rose

Yes.....soon I will be called second hand rose lol....

Today my friend and I spent the day in Hastings second markets and Antique shops;-]
We had a wonderful day just browsing all this second hand stuff,the weather was beautiful,the fish n chips on the front yummy lol.

The birdcage I bought for my son as he has reared a day old sparrow who is now 2 weeks old and flying round the living room !!his home just a cardboard box,Gary was desperate for a cage,as Jack the sparrow is not ready yet for the wild if ever,and today he actually piggybacked a ride on Garys dog (sheepdog called Holly)then landed on Gary's shoulder !! anyway I think I done him proud with this posh cage for just £12 !

The other pic is all the beads and old lace I bought,fantastic bargains,so I came home a happy lady :-] this will keep me going for agesssss.

Monday 27 July 2009

Monet's Water Lilies in Fabric

My take on Monet's Water lillies,Thankyou Sherry for putting the idea in my mind..

Fabric Paper,stitched then painted over with Luminere Paints,using up all my leftovers from previous projects for the water lillies,sewn down with beads,I love the metalic sheen of the background,which the photograph does'nt show to well.....

If i had a free embroidery foot for my machine I would have like to have sewn round each lily,I enjoyed playing around with what I had to hand,whether it works I dont know,but its pretty lol.

Saturday 25 July 2009

Saturday Blues

Saturday Blues in more ways than one :-](The middle Pic is the back of my book)

Saturdays are always quiet for me,so a good day for crafting,with no interruptions,I bought a new book on Mixed Media Fabric Art by Angie Hughes called "Stitch,Cloth,Paper and Paint" fabulous book so inspiring,had to try some techniques out today... this is the result,not perfection,its all a learning curve but enjoyable.

As you know i,m into fabric art at the moment,this lady works a bit different to the way I have been working making my fabric paper,I did try to follow but went my own way as per usual lol

I used cotton muslin (forgot to use the Gesso as she had !)brushing with PVA glue but instead of using paper collage on this i used lace,fibres and scrim,then another layer of PVA then tissue paper,instead of using Brusho paints I used Acyrlic paint thinly...I loved the effect.

My sewing machine came into play next as you can see,(still practicing),on the front cover I made a heart out of lace, I sewed on, then added a fancy dry clay heart/pendant,painted with Luminere paints,then added beads sewn by hand.

The buttons were the only way I could think of fastening down the book it works,with fibres wrapped round to the back button !

Inside I lined with dark blue silk sewn by hand, I cant believe I did that lol,didnt take long,then used Beryl Taylors method Pamphlet stitch to tie in the inside pages.

I think I still like Beryl Taylors method of working,as Angie Hughes makes her complete piece first including all the sewing then paints the whole thing last,its a great way of doing things,I like the way the machine stitching is painted to blend in,I may try that next,it takes longer,I just need more patience :-]

I,m really pleased with this little sketch book,I,m getting quite a collection now lol !

About Angie and here

Saffie (my cat) is now home from the vets !she has to go back for checkups though.

Tuesday 21 July 2009

I cant stop !

Sewing Booklet
Link for making Fabric Paper here

This is becoming an obsession,I,m loving making this fabric paper so much,cant stop making stuff with it lol........
Fabric (Organza) Paper
Fabric flowers

Each piece of fabric paper is so original,(used Brusho Paints for this one )I loveee the way the colours merge together,this little sewing book is for my yahoo swap group,thats if I can bare to part with it lol.

Monday 20 July 2009

Fabric and Bead Book

This ones for my Flickr Swap group Gas

I have my new sewing machine now,its been years since I have done any sewing,thought this would be good practice !

First off I dyed some cotton muslin and lace,as the challenge is to alter beermats using texture and some stamping to make a book,only a couple of pages..........

I machined the fabric to felt so its padded,makes it easy to sew beads on by hand,materials I have used on the cover are...
Beads, collaged lady onto an arch which i covered with a Brusho painted baby wipe.
Stamped Bee's.

Inside page is a Fabric image transfer,stamped butterfly beaded in center,on the back i have made a little flower posy with buttons and a bow.
next page dyed lace sewn on with beads,back of that which is the back cover, a fabric heart,really enjoyed creating this little book,as it took my mind off Saffie my cat whos now in the Vets on a drip,she ate some leaves off my Peace Lily plant,last Friday,I googled it as she was really sick,all of the lily family plants are poison to cats,OMG rushed her straight to Vets,they said she should be ok but have to flush her out,her liver enzines are up,so they need to watch her for another 48hrs to make sure the pills are working to bring her liver back to normal.

I am really missing her !!

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Needles and Pins Booklet

A little experiment just to make a booklet to hold my needles and pins.
Background Fabric Paper with Organza,fabric transfered image,layered up with painted watercolour paper edging,then beaded,the strips are cotton muslin I dyed then used fabric paper squares,sewing beads in the middle,edged the book with bronze Krylon.
Punched holes at side,tied with organza ribbon..........inside 3 pages of pink felt.

Sunday 12 July 2009

Completed Oriental Fabric Book

Completed....on to my next project,I havent a clue yet what,but just know its going to be fabric something !

Now sold in my Etsy shop,destination Australia !

Completed Oriental Fabric Book

The completed book !
Horrayyy... onwards and upwards to the next project,whats that will be I have no idea,hopefully I will think of something,its going to be fabric Art of some kind,I,m off to make some more fabric paper

Saturday 11 July 2009

Oriental Fabric Book

Oriental Fabric Book front and back covers,top pic.

Front cover on the left
Nearly finished maybe I will make a couple more pages, I am in desperate need of a sewing machine,then I can really do what I have in mind,I think it will be worth me getting one,as I so love doing this !

The gold image on the front is a favorite oriental stamp of mine which I stamped into airdry clay and painted in acrylic metalic gold paint,the background is fabric paper.

Same goes for the back cover with a couple of fabric covered tags added and stamped.

I think the inside pages speak for their selves,all Fabric paper backgrounds with tags,beads,stamping also some jewellery...I may add stuff if the mood takes me lol.The bottom right is embossed in gold,not a good pic.Bottom left is a fabric image.

I,m not going to use the bind it all machine for this one,just punch holes down the sides ,using ribbons to hold together,I think that will work ;-}

Wednesday 8 July 2009

Mamma Group Challenge ATC,s

This weeks challenge at Mamma's is to portray our favorite things,so you guessed it mines ART ! this moment in time i,m loving my fabric art,(top pic)but most of all I love to doodle with watercolour and pens,these are my two efforts.

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Chiffon Double Tag book

Todays been very stormy,thunder and lightening rumbling away so I shut the PC, TV, down,I dont take chances since last week my friend's router was hit no PC all day ughhhh...

A perfect day for crafting then lol, hence another tag book!.........One of my Tag books is flying off to Serbia this week,I,m so pleased people like them as I love making them,I think its because I can use all my stash,starting with making the fabric paper(this ones made with Chiffon material the photo does'nt do it justice,the colours are much prettier),inks paints etc,adding jewellery,lace,anything that takes my fancy.....There are little bugle beads sewn down the edge of the lace too.
This ones kept me busy all afternoon,taken my mind off the storm which I hate.
I,m also in the middle of creating an Oriental Fabric book,which is a first for me,if I ever get it finished I will blog it,think I have taken on a HUGE task :-]

The tiny tagbook attached is from the offcuts,waste not want not,I suppose it would be handy for writing down phone No's lol.

Friday 3 July 2009

Arty Notepad

The Cover.......

Its been so hot this past few days here in the UK,my Artroom is like an oven,even with the fans going,I wanted to finish this little notepad ,soo moved to the coolest place to work on all the sewing part by hand,I cant believe i,m sewing !I love this technique so much, working with fabric and paper,I found I was enjoying the sewing part,just to relax in front of the TV and still be able to create is fab !

The background is fabric paper using organza fabric with brusho paints,I really enjoy that part,the heart is fabric as well just padded out a bit and hand sewn,tags cut with Sizzix,then covered.