Wednesday 30 December 2009

After Dinner Gifts

Tag notepad Keyrings with altered Domino's ......

I made these as after dinner gifts for the ladies Christmas day
I thought it was going to be hard work making all the die cut tags and papers for the insides with the Cuttlebug machine,but got through it quite quickly,I could have done with that "Big Shot Express" QVC were advertising and demo'ing last week,was sorely tempted lol but NO must not buy !!

The covers i used alcohol inks with the applicator on glossy card stock,I think the colours used were Wild Plum and Stream. then I did the same for the dominos,stamped and silver embossed.

The men I did their football team badges on domino's then glazed as keyrings.

Monday 28 December 2009

Ladies n Lace

Circle Book No2,I called Ladies and Lace of course I had to make a fabric one lol,the the images are Transfered Fabric ones,the inside backing fabric has been dye'd with Brusho paints,works beautifully on organza the colours merge and run into one another ..LOVE it !

Monday 21 December 2009

Circle Book

Circle Book..Theme "Wings"

This Iittle book was a challenge for my swap group "Art n Soul" on Flickr.
The theme is "WINGS"I have collaged with Angels and butterflies.The template and instructions were supplied by group member
All the backing papers are handmade but i made one mistake (not reading the instructions properly) I assembled it all then thought Ooo no ! i cant do any stamping,so my book is just collaged and embellished lol

I wanted to use my Cuttlebug machine as its been idle for ages due to all this sewing i have been doing :-] I decided to make the covers metal (using a beercan) so cut the tin to size then run through an embossing folder,same for the butterfly which i coloured with alcohol inks.Eyelets through both cover's to tie with ribbon.The underneath is painted with bronze metalic paint.

This certainly got me back into paper crafting I really enjoyed the challenge,I think its the most complecated project i have worked on so far ! I did think it would take me days to complete with waiting for drying times,not so,just one day !
suprised myself lol AND i had distractions as my son came to put Freeview on my bedroom TV (early Christmas present )he did joke and say right now i know it works, I will take the box home and wrap it for Christmas day ........after climbing in and out the loft lol.

Sunday 13 December 2009

And the Winner is.............................

.........Spyder aka Lyn here
for my Blog Giveaway the Dreams Book !

This morning before i went to church i printed off all the names from the comments,I thought i will take round to my sons after Mass,then they can can pick the winner(I live on my own)but it went right out my head as all the family were there chatting as we do lol.

When i got home i thought Ohhhh no, now what ! then i remembered Jan saying on her comment I could get Pippa to pull a name out,I thought well why not I,ll give it a try,i folded up all the names and put in a bowl laid on the floor she looked in grabbed with her paw and pulled out 5 in one go !!so i said to her right, come on which one,she then grabbed one,so i picked it up and couldnt believe it was SPYDER !! how strange !haha.

There was 23 comments ! thankyou all so much for all the support you give me,I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year !

As i gave Holly my DIL her Xmas card today i can now show it here,cant leave without putting a pic of something Xmassy and crafty :-0)

This is Organza fabric which has little crystals fixed in, padded onto felt,machine sewn.

Saturday 5 December 2009

Christmas Giveaway !


A padded fabric notepad to keep by your bed for jotting down your dreams before you forget them !The pad is 4"x6" and quite thick with plain paper,so plenty of pages for your dreams lol,the image is transfered onto Fabric and padded.

Everyone who leaves a comment by Sunday 13th of this month will be drawn out of the hat by my friend or neighbour to win.....

Please leave me your email address so I can contact the winner !

Thankyou all for your lovely comments throughout the year,I love to hear from you all it keeps me going and makes it all worth while !

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and all you wish for in the New Year !

Saturday 28 November 2009

Landscape Purse

Landscape Purse painted with fabric paints on Taffater fabric,then embroidered with French Knots and beads.


2nd Stage......the reeds or stems are freesewn on my machine.The back is just muted painted colours

I first started by using an A4 piece of felt as a template and backing for my taffater fabric,then just folding.
The Flower in center is a brooch which i altered with alcohol inks to match,and had to saw the clasp off the back so it laid flat (that was fun lol) then I sewed it on.,the sequins I sewed a little bead onto each one.
Quite pleased with the outcome,found sewing the french knots boring,thats why theres not many :-] the birds in the sky i actually sewed, I was tempted to just draw in with pen,but thought it would look better this way,its all a learning curve,I,m soooooo loving it !

Friday 20 November 2009

Painted and Beaded Purse

At last I can get back into my crafting again,Life has been so busy,I had a couple day trips one to Norwich Market the other to Cambridge,I was desperate to stock up with fabrics,cottons lace etc,Norwich Market is just the place ! fantastic I managed to
purchase everything i needed........this purse is made with some lovely cotton embroidered material i bought there,which i decided to paint and totally alter,not sure if that was a good idea lol,I enjoyed doing it .

The image is a transfered fabric one,I had to alter that to by painting it in places to match,then fixed in a brass metal disc.,I,m just looking for some press studs now for closure.

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Lest we Forget

The 11th day,the 11th hour,the 11th month............Remembrance day for our fallen hero's.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Poppy Landscape in Fabric

The wonderful textile artist Gilda Baron inspired me to create this piece

I worked much the same as Glenda although I havent the patience to do all the hand sewing so where she does French Knots and all sorts of fancy stitchwork,I opted out for beads instead....... mine is a much simpler version,What drew me to this was the idea of painting a landscape background first off onto fabric.
I started with a plain piece of white cotton material,then painted with fabric paints also used some Acrylic paint,and Fabric Markers.

Next came the machine sewing,I used my darning foot,actually done some free sewing lol WITH a sewing hoop !! needs a lot of practice........

I,m quite pleased with the outcome,not sure what it will be used for yet,maybe a book cover or a wall hanging.........The poppies are more red/ orange looking here on my desk !
I used Fabric paper for these.

Sunday 1 November 2009

Christmas Angel

Christmas Card

Inspired by Beryl Taylor made with offcuts of Fabric Paper,hand and machine sewn.Backed with felt then fixed to card,.Hope you like her ! loved creating this one.the indents top and bottom are where i used pegs to fix,hopefully they will go lol

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Meet Pippa !

As a lot of you know my beautiful Saffie passed away a little while ago,I missed her so much,my friend Joan insisted that we go to a Cat Sanctuary and find another for me,we went to
Which is near where I live............soon as i saw Pippa I knew she was for me,shes an indoor cat and does,nt go out which is ideal for me living in a first floor flat,Saffie was the same.

Shes settled in well,follows me around and when I,m crafting she loves to lay on my other desk to watch me,gradually her paw goes in the boxs lol she cant resist playing with the bits,I have to keep rescuing stuff !

Her breed is a british Blue she is huge!3YR old I have never had a pedigree cat before,she certainly knows she's a cut above lol, walks around like she owns the place haha.

Friday 23 October 2009

Beaded Fabric Sketch Book

When I bought my Bind it All machine there was some 6x6" hardboard covers enclosed with it,I dont usually work this big,must'nt waste them so thought I would make a Sketch Book.

The cover is supposed to be a garden scene,I,m trying all ways to do landscape or garden scenes in fabric......oh yes talking about that,I digress,In one of my groups this link was given,a new TV programe on the country channel called Talking Threads

I watched last week,I must tell you this lady does amazing work,I have ordered her book,she is the master of Landscapes onto Fabric

Getting back to my book,I first started machine sewing my scrim and muslin material onto felt,then painted with Luminere paints before handsewing the beads etc on.The little squares are fabric paper,I forgot I should have put through the bind it All before sewing beads on lol,so hence the holes and ribbons instead ! I find there is always a way to save a project,another way round it,thank god......after all that work haha.
I am quite pleased with the outcome but have lots to learn,and really enjoying playing around with all this new material.

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Holy Orders LOL

Altered Domino Keyrings

Fabric covered Notepads

Next month my church holds its annual Christmas Bazaar to raise money for a new carpark etc,last year I made lots of Altered Domino's keyrings for the handcraft stall ,they sold out ! all the money goes to the church,so we was really pleased..........they asked me for more this year,I love making them,have just finished a batch.

Then I thought maybe I would try something different,some fabric covered notepads
Today i made four ,so quick and easy,not with fabric paper though,as it would take to long,so these are just material and lace,using up bits and pieces i had in my stash.

I,m not sure if these will sell,dont want to go to mad lol.I may make a few more when in the mood.

Thursday 15 October 2009

Beaded Purse

I spent a lovely day making this purse,its my old favorite Fabric Paper lol,I never tire of making this,each piece is unique,I never know how it will turnout,colourwise,
always pleasantly suprised.
The lace is dyed once again the old familar lace,I have a huge amount to get through lol.
Machine stitched,then lined with cotton and lace.If someone can explain how you drop the dogtooth (I think its called) on my sewing machine so i can do free sewing,I would be so pleased !

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Fabric Fairy Card

Now i can blog it ! It was my friends birthday last week,she is mad about Fairies,I have always made her fairy cards but not in fabric.

The image is a fabric transfered one done with freezer paper through my printer.
Background Fabric Paper using Organza,I used cotton wool to pad the image out slightly,then beads and lace sewn on.Backed onto felt and card,the large green piece at the bottom was a second hand brooch I picked up at a friend did like it :-]

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award thankyou !

Thank You so much for rewarding my blog Nesca ... Nesca's Blog here x

The award rules are:
1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog.
3. Link the person who nominated you.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.
5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'
6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

Here is my 7 deserving bloggers

7 things about myself that no one would really know are

1 I love music,chocolate and cream cakes :-]
2 I,m a quiet person and thoughtful(creating my next project lol)
3 Hate spiders ughhhh
4 Love all Animals
5 I,m a senior citizen
6 Read Saga's till 2am
7 Gadget mad :-]

Sunday 4 October 2009

Domino Doll

Meet Dorothy the Domino doll..........
She is for my partner Rasslinmiss in my Flickr Group here

Her body is the altered Domino which I used alcohol inks then stamped and embossed in gold.My thanks to Lilla (click on her name, see her beautiful artwork)for the fabric triangle bead for her head,the colours matched well !(that bead will be well travelled !)Her arms and legs are made with Paper beads and glass ones.

Saturday 26 September 2009

Saturday ATC's

Taking Flight.....Stamped onto Fabric Paper

Light and Shade..Traded to Pidda

Who Me?

Altered Lace

My Saturday morning ATC's........I had some Fabric Paper over so decided to make a few ATC's,just have a play around with Pro Markers and Fabric.
The bottom one was made with Lace on Paper,I used Pro Markers rubbing over to bring the pattern out,I think it works :-]

More ATC,s available on my Flickr here

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Fabric Pearl Wedding Card

Getting my cards done for October,its a busy month for me with family birthdays and anniversaries,so had to make a start !

This the Pearl wedding Anniverary (30yrs) made with fabric organza paper,there are little flecks of gold and silver in it, padded hearts,pearls and mother o pearl buttons hand and machine sewn,dyed lace pocket to hold the tag,all fixed to silver card which looks lilac in the pic.......not lol.

One down 4 more to go !!

Thursday 17 September 2009

Sea Horse Mailer completed !

This is the inside cover,the colours are not true,guess thats my photography skills,which i havent got ! lol

Completed inside and out!
Phew I wouldnt like to do a four slide one again lol,but here it is and i,m happy !
The photo quality is not very good,its reflecting on the glass and embossing a bit.
I used Cosmic Shimmers for the background and gold embossing.

Seahorse Mailer 1st Stage

I found a mailer amongst my stash,have had it years,forgot all about it as we do lol,thought it would make a nice prezzie if I could manage to do some fabric work on it,so here's the result for the front cover.

Someone sent me a Seahorse card,I was inspired!!......Holly my DIL sent me a pic of a seahorse,I used this here,i printed it out as a fabric transfered image through my printer then dyed the fabric and painted with luminere metallic paints,cut all round and machined onto the blue satin material,with zigzag edging all round.The bead and gold lurex work is supposed to be seaweed lol

For anyone who has not seen a mailer before,this is a pic of it,so now I have to come up with idea's for the Microscopic slides that go inside,I will enjoy decorating this,I have a couple of nice seashell stamps,just got to get my creativity working again :-],

Tuesday 15 September 2009

Landscape Fabric Postcard

I had to try out my new stamp,a landscape one by Crafty Individuals,what better way than making a postcard with it :-]I stamped a little bird in the corner,couldnt resist lol.
I also used some handmade paper I bought at the "Paper Chase" shop,I dyed it a darker green for the background,it has a lovely heavy texture with fabric and fibre's. the stamp I painted in watercolour then glazed it over with Anita's 3D gloss.The buttons I painted over with Luminere metallic paints,sewed on with some beads.These silky leaves didnt take the dye very well,thanks to Jan for the knotted lace,so pretty I will have to look out for some more of that !

Sunday 13 September 2009

Cindy's this month's Giveaway

Pop over and visit Cindys(Cashplant) blog here
Such a pretty piece dont miss out !!

Fabric Postcard

I am completely addicted to working with fabrics,I cant seem to get off the merry go round lol,one thing leads to another !Do i want to get off ? Noooooooo I,m just loving it,I never thought in a million years i would be doing this sort of art,but always admired people who do.

I was inspired to create this postcard from some I saw in Craft Stamper,I,m not sure if they were fabric,dont think so,it just took me back to the days when I loved to collect the Victorian silk postcards,so heres my little effort !

The bird is my new stamp i bought in Blade Runner when we had our meetup,it was actually in a heart design,I cut it out for this,then sewed onto the fabric pieces,then glazed over to protect it.
I stamped the word Hope onto it,hoping my postcard gets to its destination in one piece lol,saying that i would proberly put in an envelope anyway !

Saturday 12 September 2009

Lady in Lace and Watercolours

"Fortune Favors the Bold"
So true !Fabric transfered image on muslin and scrim,with embellishments lace and Beads.

I was also in painting mode yesterday,had a lovely day just doing my thing,a bit of this and that lol.

Both Paintings now sold.

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Material Girl

Material or Fabric Girl

I was inspired by a fabric piece i saw on a blog,I have now lost the link !

Here's my take on it,I wanted to alter a board book and thought this would make a nice cover for it,I dont know quite know how i,m going to do the inside pages yet,I want to give it a lot of thought,and keep the fabric theme running through.

I started by measuring the cover size,cut out in felt,this I covered and sewed on some organza, then dyed all my pieces i wanted to use,lace and buttons,these buttons i found in a secondhand market they are antique cloth buttons so were easy to dye.
People who are getting on in age a bit would remember them as Liberty Bodice buttons lol....

The large lace flowers are from an old antique lace piece of a dress,I know for a fact this dress is over 100 yrs old,it was falling to pieces,rotting away,I cut out the best bits and dyed them for this project,sewing on with beads after first giving them a coat of luminere metallic paints on top for a bit of a shine .

There was a lot of machine sewing involved,like sewing the lace on with a zigzag stitch etc.The lady is a fabric transfered image padded with cotton wool.

After finishing this,I thought i must collect some more different colour fabric pieces,I get idea's in my head but then find I havent got the right colour materials to use,I would have liked some pale lilac for the background,I think I enjoy hunting stuff down just as much as creating lol.

Found the link,this ladies work is stunning !Viola......

Thursday 3 September 2009

Bathing Beauty Jotterpad

Ribbon and Fibre Swap for my Yahoo group CC Swaps here

Background Fabric Paper with gold embossing and a transfered fabric image also beads ribbon and fibres.

Mamma Group London Meetup

Mamma Group (Flickr) Meetup in Covent Garden London

What a lovely day we had !

From Left to Right
Myself,Debs (aka Rustycage) Cindy (Cashplant)Mamma herself ! (Margaret) and Lubna(Lubsy1uk)
lovely to meet you all !

We first looked round Covent Garden Market I was very good and did not buy anything,I wanted to save my money for the next stop which was the Blade Runner shop by the British Museum,thats where we had a big spendup lol.A couple of the girls booked a place there for Tim Holtz workshop at a later date.

Then we moved onto Paper chase a huge shop selling handmade papers,never been there before that was an experience lol,the papers are just fantastic,I had to have some !!
We then found a nice place to eat and spent a lot of time chatting and swapping ATC's
Lubna presented each one of us with a Ceramic handmade brooch created by herself,LOVE it,thankyou Lubna !

Also my thanks to Joan my lifelong friend for being my travel companion and taking most of the photos :-]

More photos can be seen on my Flickr here

Monday 24 August 2009

Lutradur Beaded Tagbook in Blue and Gold

Lutradur Tagbook in Blue and Gold

Another experiment with Lutradur ,this time I used Glitterati heat fusible film sheets ironed onto the Lutradur,then sprayed with inks to colour,I used the hotgun in places to show the turquoise silk material I backed it with to show through,.......

So the first step was to cut out my book cover with my sizzix machine using the tag die.
Using that as a template to then cut some felt and silk fabric for backing after cutting all this to size including the Lutradur piece,I machined all round with a zigsag stitch.Now I could sew the beads on,I also cut a flower with my Sizzix machine and beaded that for the top part of my cover.

I then glued the fabric piece onto thick card the same colour.Cutting lots of papers for the inside pages with the tag die, it was then ready to assemble,I put a ring through the hole at top,added some beads......finished !!

A Monday morning gone when I should have been doing the housework ,oh well that can wait,theres always tomorrow lol.

I,m really pleased with this zigzag machined edging,I,m getting better at this machining lol

I did mean to take pics as i went along but got to involved and forgot :-]

Notepad done with the offcuts

Friday 21 August 2009

Time Travel Altered Match Box

The challenge this month on Gas Mamma group is to alter a matchbox the theme being travel.

I made some Fabric paper layering it with a British road map,painted with Brusho paints,I altered two dominos and stamped a pocket watch on each,then glazed them with Anita's 3D gloss,the larger one goes inside the box,the miniture is fixed to the top.There is gold flecks running through the fabric.

Its a Puzzle ! ATC
For Mamma group on Flickr
Background is Fabric Paper,the theme was to alter a jigsaw puzzle piece on an ATC,The Ladys head is my newest stamp,so was desperate to try it out :-]
I first stamped her on some copy paper then distressed and glazed with Anita's 3D Gloss,then fixed onto the puzzle piece.Added some accent beads into the glaze while wet.