Saturday 30 June 2012

Tim Holtz Grunge Book

I treated myself to one of these grunge board books ages ago,I love his stuff,and thought that will give me something to do when i need a change from Fabric Art.Not that i,m into lick and stick as i call it lol...I found its not easy,you still have to create a design,I do admire people who perfect this art !Its all but finished now except it needs some shabby dye'd ribbons on the hinged rings,I have seen them done better than this,its a case of what you have in your stash without spending money on pretty things :) So now I have that out my system,back to Fabric i hope, when i find some cotton material for doing my fabric images with,cant wait,i,m really into the shabby look at the moment,I want to try and create that look with another book but mixed media,maybe even a metal cover with fabric and lace,I have seen it done,ahhh well another challenge :))
I have made some little pockets in some of the pages,inserting some lovely little vintage tags someone made me,makes it more interesting....... Just a reminder there is still time to vote for me in the Derwent drawing Competition,pics and links below !thankyou !Hope your all having a lovely summer,if your in the UK it may last another few days lol.

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Best of British Drawing Competition

Public voting starts today ! I entered this drawing in Derwents Best of British Drawing Competition here I said before i havent a hope in hell of winning,but if you want to support me please click on the link and vote for my pic above!it may help :))Voting closes around the 11th July so plenty of time ! There is some lovely work entered Thankyou x

Saturday 9 June 2012

Group Fabric Tagbook

This was a big challenge swap in my UKArt swaps group,to make at least 9 fabric tags,one for each person,then to swap out so we all had different tags back of each others to make a book ! I received them all this week,and have just finished to complete the book by putting the eyelets in and creating a wrap round cover.Above is some of my own tags and the completed cover !

Monday 4 June 2012

My Purple Mixed Media Book

It was going to be a fabric Book,you may remember i started it last year,have picked it up again to finish,I live and learn,I should have done all the fabric pages first then made the cover ! but no not me i made the book first with Watercolour 140LB pages,so of course after getting a few pages made up and stuck in i was finding problems closing the book ! the end result is to paint some landscapes on the back pages,it does make the book more interesting though,so quite pleased with the outcome ! Also I have entered the "Derwent Best of British drawing Competition here I have,nt got a hope in hell of winning lol but if you want to vote for me on the 11th June it may help me win a bag at least haha,take a look there is some wonderful entries !