Friday 28 May 2010

Fabric Postcards 2

Two more mixed media Fabric Postcards hopefully on the Abstract lines......
The materials i used are,dye'd fabrics,cotton,organza.lace,fibres,and beads, the bird is silk cut from an old scarf,I used Heat n Bond for the fibres,first time i have used that,brilliant for sticking down odds and ends.
I did struggle through these two cards,using materials and techniques i havent used before,I,m really pleased with the brown card with the fibres,well out of my comfort zone,but enjoyed playing.

Monday 24 May 2010

Fabric Postcard

Fabric Postcard

I am quite enjoying this idea,as its a small project to work on ,similar to the quilt squares,but more useful to give as a prezzy or send to a friend,this ones not good enough to send through the post as it has embellishments on,would have to go into an envelope,I have to keep that in mind when i create my future ones,but the fabric would still get soiled through the post,I have seen in the US that they do sell plastic envies to send these,have to do a search to see if we do in the UK.

This is felt backed,with my own dye'd fabrics using cotton and Organza,the bird is a dye'd babywipe onto felt,stamped into with Tim Holtz Distress ink pad.Left hand corner is my attempt at a birds nest lol.
I have fixed it onto a normal postcard for backing.

Wednesday 12 May 2010

The Answer is ...........

A Sewing Case........

I,m not one who prepares every step,I just sort of make it up as I go along,I do know this is not the right way to go about things lol,It does not always work,I plod on till it does work !

This Sewing case is an example of trial and error,but hey ho i got there in the end,quite pleased with it,inside pages are the dye'd silk with squares of dye'd felt sewn in the middle for holding my needles and pins.The corner tag is fabric paper which i stamped the wording on with Stazon inkpad,The flowers are cut out of a scrap of lace and dye'd,I used a tiny blanket stitch I found on my machine and never used before,not easy going round the petals lol.

Now to clear up the mess !!!

Saturday 8 May 2010

Guess what !

First Steps , the start of my new project......
Dye'd white silk with brusho paints,brushed over with gold fabric paint.I may not iron out the creases i quite like it lol.
Cut 6, 4x4 inch felt squares

Ignore the felt square colours as they will be covered.

GUESS what its going to be,definitly not a quilt ............The first person to guess i will send a fabric handmade gift.

Will update as i go,AFTER i get the correct answer lol(thats if you want to play)......I thought after the quilt i had'nt got any inspiration or the will to start something else,I know i have to keep myself going,as its hard to get back into it,also i live on my own and need to keep occupied,so rummaging through my stash of materials I thought if i dye some fabrics it will help to maybe give me an idea,which it has,I have made a couple of these before,but i want this one to be more arty with a lot more going on in the design,dont quite know what sort of design yet,it should just evolve as i go along,hopefully :D

Thursday 6 May 2010

Vintage Quilt Squares

I forgot about these two i had to make for myself to be added to the quilt,then that makes 12 squares in all to finish it.

Now i need to think about my next project,maybe something completely different,you can have to much of a good thing lol......

Wednesday 5 May 2010

The last four quilt squares !

Top two theme "Faces"
Bottom two theme "Owls"

Found these quite difficult,right out my comfort zone lol