Monday 24 August 2009

Lutradur Beaded Tagbook in Blue and Gold

Lutradur Tagbook in Blue and Gold

Another experiment with Lutradur ,this time I used Glitterati heat fusible film sheets ironed onto the Lutradur,then sprayed with inks to colour,I used the hotgun in places to show the turquoise silk material I backed it with to show through,.......

So the first step was to cut out my book cover with my sizzix machine using the tag die.
Using that as a template to then cut some felt and silk fabric for backing after cutting all this to size including the Lutradur piece,I machined all round with a zigsag stitch.Now I could sew the beads on,I also cut a flower with my Sizzix machine and beaded that for the top part of my cover.

I then glued the fabric piece onto thick card the same colour.Cutting lots of papers for the inside pages with the tag die, it was then ready to assemble,I put a ring through the hole at top,added some beads......finished !!

A Monday morning gone when I should have been doing the housework ,oh well that can wait,theres always tomorrow lol.

I,m really pleased with this zigzag machined edging,I,m getting better at this machining lol

I did mean to take pics as i went along but got to involved and forgot :-]

Notepad done with the offcuts

Friday 21 August 2009

Time Travel Altered Match Box

The challenge this month on Gas Mamma group is to alter a matchbox the theme being travel.

I made some Fabric paper layering it with a British road map,painted with Brusho paints,I altered two dominos and stamped a pocket watch on each,then glazed them with Anita's 3D gloss,the larger one goes inside the box,the miniture is fixed to the top.There is gold flecks running through the fabric.

Its a Puzzle ! ATC
For Mamma group on Flickr
Background is Fabric Paper,the theme was to alter a jigsaw puzzle piece on an ATC,The Ladys head is my newest stamp,so was desperate to try it out :-]
I first stamped her on some copy paper then distressed and glazed with Anita's 3D Gloss,then fixed onto the puzzle piece.Added some accent beads into the glaze while wet.

Thursday 20 August 2009

Oriental Canvas Panel

Creating this canvas panel made a nice change ,I have been wanting to try out my Byzantia chips by Stewart Gill,I decided to use them on this,first using a primed canvas,I glued the chips onto it ,then I painted it all over with black acrylic paint,my intention was for some of the black to show through the next layers of bronze and gold metallic paint,that didnt happen I get carried away lol.

So now to alter the jigsaw pieces,I had some small pieces of fabric paper over so used that to cover them,then stamped oriental faces with Stazon,edged with black Sharpie pen.

I next used Anita's 3D clear gloss finish to cover them,while it was still wet,I laid my beads gently in,and the coin,the two long pink and black objects are handmade and painted beads in the same colours as I used in the fabric paper.I managed to sew then through the canvas instead of glueing.

Enjoyable project !

Saturday 15 August 2009

Lutradur covered Notepad

My first experiment with a material called Lutradur,its the background of this altered beermat notepad,its to add texture onto fabric ,canvas etc.........I,m trying to makeup my mind whether I like it or not.....

I bought an A4 sheet of Lutradur,cut a small piece off,painted it with Luminere paints then used the hotgun to burn holes in it which should give a lacy effect,well that was what I was aiming for lol,whether I succeeded I'm not sure :-]

I then altered a puzzle piece,covered it with Fabric Paper which I had fixed onto felt for padding,then added embellishments,ribbons and beads,after putting it all together with my Bind it All machine.

Wednesday 12 August 2009

"Flower Garden"

Another Altered Jigsaw piece !this time with Fabric Paper which was run through my Cuttlebug machine.All hand sewn,machined round the edges,padded with felt.

Saturday 8 August 2009

Summer Garden

Altered Jigsaw piece

I have called this "Summer Garden" as i,m into this fabric art now,I thought I would try altering a jigsaw piece with Fabric.

First to dye some cotton muslin trying to portray landscape colours with Brusho,making a template with felt from the jigsaw piece then sewing that to the muslin,cutting all all I had to do was sew the beads on before attaching the piece to the jigsaw bit........ummm I might do another its a bit fiddley,enjoyable though,makes a change from stitching books lol

Materials used=
white cotton muslin
Brusho for colouring fabric
Beads and buttons
gold wire for hanging at top
Old jewellery for hanging at bottom.
and of course a large childs Jigsaw Piece !

Thursday 6 August 2009

Notepad with a difference !

Notepad with a difference !Top photo cover on the left,notepad on the right.

I was running out of ideas for making useful presents,when this brainwave hit me lol
Remember those notepads that had fancy covers where inside was a slit ,the back cover of the pad slid inside,so you could renew it with another when that one was all used up.........

This is my version :-]
The last of my fabric paper to use up,but first I had to make a cover,,I measured out two pieces of stiff card 5"x5" ,laying down some pink satin material,measuring 11" all round the two pieces,cut round so it was all one piece I could just wrap round,I,m hopeless at explaining ,so hope you are still with me lol.

Then doing the same thing for the inside cover,I stuck these on with tape just to hold down ready for the sewing part,I used an over stitch with beads, inside.

As you see I made a square with fabric paper edged round with zigzag stitch onto felt for padding.........dyed some lace to match in,I have used the fabric side alternate with the paper side ,paper side being more colourful,the heart is made stamping into airdry clay then painting with Luminere gold.All the beads are the ones I bought in Hastings !
I also run a piece of fabric paper through my Cuttlebug machine with the new Victorian embossing folder,that piece you can see on the far left of the cover.

When I put all this together before fixing, I did'nt like the pink satin underneath,out came the Brusho paints to dye it lol,I was so suprised it took beautifully.I did the inside too.

Then I needed to make a cover for the cheap notepad,easy ,watercolour 140LB weight,using the salt technique,mixing the colours to match in.

I,m quite pleased with the outcome,its all hit and miss ,oh forgot to say those larger beads top and bottom,I just had to use they are so pretty,but to fix them was difficult so I wrapped round some gold wire,glued onto squares then stitched.

I have just purchased some Lutradur material,never used this before,cant wait to try ,its in A4 sheets you can use it for texturising,blast it with a hotgun it makes lacy effects so they say,we will see haha...........Watch this space !!

If you have problems following the way I created this piece just email me,I will try to help :0),I should really take pics of each stage,it would make things late now :-]

Sunday 2 August 2009

More Tagbooks

First being create something useful using Fabric Paper,so thats my effort on the left........the second one is to make something for my partner using crafting tools, ie Cuttlebug/Sizzix etc,I have used both.must have some stamping on too,the butterfly is metal run through the Cuttlebug machine,coloured with alcohol inks,then beaded.The top book is not quite finished,I need to braid and bead it.

I think this will proberly be the last of my Tagbook fetish lol,I had to use up my bits of fabric paper on these.

Saturday 1 August 2009

My Saturday Suprise !!

Is'nt the internet a wonderful place for us Artists and Crafters.....

LOOK what I received in the post this morning from Daniela in Palic,Serbia !she created this stunning work of Art, a pendant for me, as a swap with one of my Tag Books.

You can find her amazing work here

The corn posy was created by Daniela's friend,who included it as a prezzy for me ! another talented lady.

The package took three weeks to get here,we both thought it had been lost in the post,so you can guess the excitement this morning when it finally arrived here lol,even my postlady was excited haha.

Daniela I thankyou so much for this lovely work,it will be cherished,I shall only wear it for very special evenings out,so beautiful !

CD Holder

CD Holder
For my yahoo swap group...Fabric Paper Swap

I had loads of those plastic inserts that hold CD,s so thought I would make the outside hardback covers for a little book to hold favorite music CD's maybe.

First I covered in muslin dye'd material as a background,added some lace onto the fabric paper, then a fabric image,topped off with eyelets and beads.

I had a small piece of fabric paper over so cut into squares and run through my new victorian Cuttlebug embossing folder,then sewed some beads round,used 2 clay buttons I had already made,painted with Luminere paints to match.

Punched holes in side for ribbons to hold the whole thing together.

I think it works :-] says she whos running out of ideas lol